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I’ll update this page whenever I can with upcoming releases, but all release dates are estimates and subject to changes.

Updated 3rd May 2017

Upcoming Releases:

Magic Thief (set in the world of Ava Delaney) – TBA

Recent Releases:

Crossroads (A Phoenix novella)

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35 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases

  1. Finished reading “Taste” I loved it even thou it broke my heart and a tear fell. I am now eagerly waiting for “Traitor” I think you did an amazing job the book was well written, it kept me reading in suspense until I finished. Hope the final book come earlier than June

  2. I love the books but the waiting is killing me for traitor and the romance on the side is amaizing when will ava ever settle down ????? 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading all five books of Ava Delaney hope Traitor is out for 1st of June as I’ll read on my Hols thanks

  4. OMG!! These books kept me going when I just wanted too loose my self in another world’… the story between ava and Peter is very heart wrenching, it’s a will they won’t they…

    I know that traitor is not out yet but are you going too carry on the ava books??

    • It came out on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo yesterday. Traitor is the last in this particular storyline, but I’m pretty sure plenty of the characters will show up again. 🙂

    • Hi, Tiae. Thanks for asking. 🙂

      I’m working on Make You every day, but I’m still not sure it’ll be ready this month. I got behind on my work over the holidays, and I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time this month to edit it fully. In a few weeks, I’ll update here either way. It’ll be February at the very latest though.

  5. Im looking forward to the new releases of the books. I’ve read at least the first books and then some. Can’t wait.

    • Thanks for waiting, Andrea. My kids have been sick (or on mid-term breaks), so I haven’t gotten quite as much done lately as I expected.

  6. I have been in love with the Ava Delaney series since the first chapter and read the entire series. Are you going to start a new series about Ava, or is it finished? Also ‘Make You’ can’t wait for it to come out! But what is it about? What’s going to happen?

    Love your stories, keep writing!

    • Hey, Maria.

      I’ve written a book or two in a new Ava series, but I’m concentrating on my faery series until the summer. I have some ideas for other characters in the Ava series, so I want to make sure I publish in order. The new Ava series (Lost Souls) is open-ended, but the timeline is tied in to other events, so I definitely need to get that right before I start publishing those!

      I’m still working on Make You. I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s basically about Sully’s maker trying to track down who killed him (and everyone else trying to move on when it seems like Sully might be back). There will be a third book before the end of the year.

  7. Omg I just decided to check in on your site to see what’s new and whatnot and I am so excited your going to start a new ava series because I think your ava series might be my favorite series ive ever read:) and im wondering if peter will still be involved??

    • Yep, Ashley, pretty much everyone will still be involved in some way. Just to explain a bit better, it continues on from where we left Ava, but it’s an open-ended series. I don’t have a big finish planned like in the first series. For now, it’s more like connected standalone stories. There’s so much I can do with Ava in the new position she’s in that I kind of want to explore how her world has changed.

      BUT I have a separate novella series planned for Peter. It’s actually about Peter & Val’s new business and the timeline is tied to Ava’s books – so you don’t have to read both series, but if you were going to then you would probably like to read in the right order. So I probably won’t be publishing until next year to get myself organised (and to concentrate on my faery series this year).

      Just as an example of what I mean, this is how I hope it will play out:

      Ava #1
      Peter #1
      Peter #2
      Ava #2
      Esther #1
      Ava #3

      If it doesn’t work out as planned then I’ll just combine storylines and have an Ava series only, but I would like to concentrate on other characters too. It sounds more complicated than it is, I promise. 🙂 I’ve written two new Ava books and planned three Peter and two Esther books so far, but I’ll have a kind of prequel book free on Wattpad before the first Ava book because it has to do with how Ava’s first soul turned up on her doorstep. And I’ll definitely stop talking now. 😀

      • Oh I’m so excited and a Peter-Ester series just mean more books to read and get involved in !!!!!!!! I cant wait for the prequel!!!!! Thanks

  8. Tainted (Ava Delaney: Lost Souls #1) …. is this going to be a start to a NEW Series like the other Ava Delaney Series?

    • Lost Souls will be new Ava books, but it won’t be the same kind of series. It’s more like an open-ended set of stories on the same timeline, but as of now, there’s no big arc holding the stories together. Maybe in the future, but not with this series. I just had a lot of ideas about what comes next for Ava, and I wanted to write stories with other characters in that universe, so this is the easiest way for me to get started and keep track. The first one will feature Ava’s first lost soul (who turned up at the end of Traitor) and deal with the Seth/first vampire issue. If all goes well. 🙂

  9. Hello Claire, just wanted to say your awesome. Your Ava series was great but I personally LOVE Chaos. The bad part is I read the books non stop and with in two days I am done LOL! I have read all of your books and will continue to as you really are that good. Thank you for sharing your talent with me through your books. P.S. Death is a gift was out of this world great book. I have read it 6 times since I got it. Keep it up you rock.

    • I wish I could work faster, trust me! Thanks so much for the comment, Jenna. DIAG is probably my favourite of mine, so it’s always nice to know somebody liked it. 😀

  10. I’ve really come to love your books. I read them over and over again. But I have to say Chaos has been my favorite. So I am anxiously waiting for #4 ( and #5). Seeing that’s its November now any ideas on an exact date of release or when I can pre-order it?

    • Hi, Tabitha. I just wrote a big spiel about next year before realising that I’m supposed to be releasing #4 this month! Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the final proofreader to finish with the manuscript AND the cover is still being worked on, so I can’t give a release date right now. Apparently, it’s a busy time of year for everyone! As soon as I know more, I’ll update on Twitter/Facebook, etc., but it’ll definitely be my main focus once I get the manuscript back. I love this series, and I’m excited to get to the end myself. 🙂

      Book five should be going out for editing at the end of January, btw. Book six won’t go to an editor until March or April. The final two books are looking very long right now though, so they’ll obviously take longer to edit. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Chaos!

      I dream of the day when I can manage to write an entire series before actually publishing one!

    • Just to let you know that the release date will be the 21st of November! I’ll be uploading it next week for pre-order to make sure every retailer has it on the right date. 🙂

  11. After demon dog next to the title is says VBI series #1. What series is this and when will the following books come?

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I found your books on a Kindle fluke and I am EVER SO GRATEFUL!!!! I have fallen in love with your characters and am SO impressed with your creativity, ingenuity and ability to create such diverse and unique characters! Many authors fall into a slump when it comes to different series and create very similar characters with different names. NOT YOU! I am going back to school to become a English and Literature Arts Teacher (ELA here in the states) and can’t WAIT to share your books with my class during Fantasy/Fiction lessons. Thank you for being gifted with this ability and blessing us all with your beautiful writings!

  13. I’ve been with Ava since the beginning, and have anxiously awaited the arrival of each new book. I adore the characters and the fact that you give us their version of side events.
    I haven’t ventured into your other series yet, but have read your work on Wattpad. Which you are the reason I found the site and have connected with so many wonderful authors in the first place. I currently have my own story and am co-authoring another.
    Your Ava Delaney tales are beautiful, imaginative, and with enough sensuality to leave you a little breathless and wanting more. I like that it’s chaste, but never a doubt as to what’s going on. Look forward to the next preorder for “Bad Blood.”

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