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New Release – Break You

BreakYouBreak You is finally available everywhere – 99c this weekend only. Purchase links & blurb below.
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Devlin O’Mara’s world has been turned upside down time and time again since she first came across a vampire. And it’s not over yet.

The vampires may have left her small town alone for a while, but they’ve provoked curfews and martial law in the capital city. The aftermath of their last attacks are still rippling outward, and it soon becomes clear that Emily’s sire is gathering an army. 

Even though her personal life has fallen apart, Devlin can’t let the vampires win, no matter how much they hurt the people she loves. Death is everywhere, and the only way to win is through joining forces with unusual allies.

One final battle is coming. But who will survive?

And if you haven’t picked it up already, you might be interested in HuNted, a free shifter anthology. Verity is part of the bundle which is now available on iBooks US, GB, etc., Amazon US, UK, etc., B&N, and Google Play Books.

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The Best Medicine

Thanks for all the support (and limiting of laughter to quiet sniggering) during my recent little, okay, massively oversized melt-down.  The lovely Shari recently recommended laughter as good medicine for what ails me and the hockey hair team definitely helped so I pushed on and fell upon this gem. 

It’s mostly funny to me because in my primary school, a certain teacher had a serious problem with those she referred to as “dumb Americans” – she constantly told us anecdotes about how they (like, every single one of you all) couldn’t point to Ireland on a map, and *shock, horror* didn’t even know we have a language all of our very own.  She, and her holidaying companions, would speak as Gaeilge to baffle (and I suspect mock) poor unsuspecting folks from across the waters.  I think she was also the same teacher who was extremely anti-English.  Irish history took on a very biased slant in her class, put it that way.  Go, Irish education.  😉

If YouTube had been around close to two decades ago, I’m taking a guess that this video would have been that teacher’s proof.  🙂

For sake of balance, here’s an example (I may have posted this before) of the cream of the Irish crop.  Way more embarrassing than the first video.  Knobs.  So glad YouTube didn’t exist in my excessive drinking years.  😛

I might as well post this one too – gotta love me some ninja action.  😀

I know, I’m easy to amuse, please share the amusement, people.  🙂

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