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Feb 2016

February hasn’t been as productive as I’d hoped. I’ve a serious lack of focus going on (only partly attributed to a new pet bunny and, er, Sunless Sea).

I was supposed to write Secret Self this month, and I have worked on it, but I also started a new Phoenix story. (Currently untitled because I’m still shit at naming things). I doubt I’ll have either one finished by the end of the week, so next month will be busy! (Please send help…)

Unexpected stories frequently (and inconveniently) happen. Usually, I ignore the new shiny as best I can, but I couldn’t resist this time. Some of the events in Phoenix’s new story were supposed to fit into the next Ava story, but I’m liking his POV, so Imma experiment a bit. Even if it ends up a better fit for an Ava book, I can always post Phoenix’s unused POV on Wattpad. (That’s fashionable now, righ’?)

I’ve only edited Relativity (Lorcan & Lucia story) to change some third person chapters to first person, so that still needs work. (I swear this is where half of my time goes). I also still have to read through ALL of the old books (this is not my happy face) for fact-checking because my organisation for this world (all of the worlds, in fairness) has been a miserable effort.

Next month, I’m supposed to read through old stuff & take notes, finish writing Secret Self and an untitled Phoenix story, start writing Magic Thief in earnest, and edit Relativity and Bad Blood – all while my five lunatics are off school from Paddy’s Day through Easter. (Yeah, I have my doubts, too). Wish meh luck!

To be less confusing, here’s a projected reading order from the latest release onward:

Tithes (Lost Souls #3)
Relativity (Lorcan & Lucia novella)
Bad Blood (VBI #2)
Secret Self (VBI #3)
Untitled Phoenix novella
Magic Thief


2016 FTW… Maybe

I thought I should update – it’s been too long since I did a proper post. I’m not going to be officially announcing any upcoming new releases for a bit. I haven’t even scheduled editing or covers yet. I took a couple of weeks off over the Xmas, but I’ve been back in the office this month. I’m working on a number of things, but I don’t want to tie myself down with deadlines because every single bloody time I say I’m going to release a book, my brain decides I need to write at least three other books first. 😀 I’ll update when I’m closer to a release.  Just know for now that I’m planning on spending the next three months writing my arse off.

I’ll just briefly update on books/series you might be interested in. Some stuff is already written, but I still have a lot of work to catch up on.

Chaos – Probably nothing in 2016. I have already written in the world again with a new character, but I think I’ll be putting it aside while I clear up other stuff. I love this world, and I put a lot of work into it, so I’m definitely going to revisit, but right now, I’m already juggling too much stuff.

Evans Pack/Harbinger – I held back Harbinger last Halloween because I had another release that month (and the book is way bigger than I expected). I’m aiming for another Halloween release, but only if I’ve made some headway with the other Evans pack books that I’ve been planning for yonks. So, maybe?

Ava & Lost Souls –  I’m still not wholly sure if Ava will be the star of the show at all this year. These books, man. 😀 I’ve been on a slow build, dropping hints all over the place, trying to piece stuff together, and I think I’m finally getting there. It’s taking me a lot longer than I expected because, well, it’s me. I can’t do anything in a straight line. Right now, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be inserting a new trilogy (more similar in style to the original series) in between Lost Souls #3 and #4. I’m hesitant about estimating dates and such. Just because I want to write something doesn’t mean it’s easy it ends up published, so there’s that.

Hollow – Hollow is that contemporary story I thought would be therapeutic but couldn’t face editing. (I just checked. I wrote it in 2012, bought a cover, and then pretended the whole story didn’t exist because I couldn’t deal with the emotions – ha). Every now and then, I take it out and read it and think I’m going to whip it into shape before realising I’ve underestimated how painful it is for me to work on. I’m going to crack on with it one last time this year to see if I can finish the thing. If I can’t, I might upload it to Wattpad for the curious. (This is project pan in book form, people).

Something new – If I don’t work on something new sometimes, my brain decides to melt out of my left ear. I’ve been sitting on three or four different series that I haven’t had time to focus on, and I’d like to do some work on one of those. I’m leaning toward something witchy, but we’ll see what happens. I’m open to taking requests. 🙂

Current work in progress – This week, I’m working on Bad Blood, the second VBI story. I thought this was going to happen earlier, but I kept changing the timeline, and it only fits now. It’s going well (or it will once I stop making new playlists or editing this blog post for the seventeenth time). Basically, Layla hires Peter and Val to prove that her ladies aren’t the ones spreading a new super(natural) STD. Hehe. After that, I’ll be back to Secret Self (book 3) in which Peter and Val hunt down Ava. I’ve never been this excited about anything ever. 😀

That’s about it. Not gonna lie, 2015 was a tough year for me writing-wise. I struggled with pretty much everything I worked on because I let myself get stressed out about… all of the things. It was really disappointing and frustrating. That’s partly why I went offline most of the time. Over the holidays, I just put it all aside and focused on my family, and while it’s been tough getting back into the office, I’m slo(ooooo)wly finding my confidence again. I’m looking forward to what I have planned, but if those plans need to change, then I’m going to be less hard on myself about it. She says now… 😉


October 2015 Update

Well, hello there.

Remember me?

Sorry for the disappearing acts – lots going on. I’ve been drowning in paperwork all morning, so a blog break might help keep the madness at bay!

This month, I have been busy preparing Tithes (Ava Delaney: Lost Souls #3) for my editor as well as putting the last touches to Sacrifice (Chaos #6) which should be available to buy by the end of this month. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Kings (Chaos #5.5) in the meantime. It should be free, so please do not pay for this novella – if it’s not free on your usual retailer, try Smashwords. My bad scheduling (and life) has put the editing of Harbinger on the sidelines so that might end up on hold this month.

Still waiting on covers, so nothing new to reveal there yet.

I’ll be taking part in NaNoWriMo next month to finish up some drafts, but I currently have no plans for next year’s writing schedule. If you want to throw me suggestions, I’m happy to hear them, but I’m not making any concrete plans until I have everything else off my plate. 🙂



I’ve had like seventeen cups of coffee and eaten the entire contents of my fridge today, so a blog post seems like the next logical procrastination method. Until last week, there had been at least one kid home from school for over a month, and I’m obviously so trained for distractions that I’m providing them for myself now.

Aside from sick kids (and a medicated dog), we’ve been all Animal Kingdom up in here. Every time I go outside to call one of my dogs back in, somebody else’s dog and/or cat shows up first. (One particular dog likes to sneak up on me in the dark. We call him Brown Dog because my kids are about as original as I am when it comes to naming things. We call the three-legged cat Dubh, fyi). So then I have to make sure other people’s dogs don’t eat other people’s cats. And wild birds (the fact that they’re looking a bit fat this year has nothing to do with me) keep getting into our kitchen when the door is open for longer than five seconds. The nutters get into the car sometimes, too. It’s getting a bit weird. But as you can see, I truly live the rock star lifestyle.

Anyway, work crap: I’ve ditched everything else to work on finishing up Break You, otherwise known as the Unfinishable Nightmare Book. I thought Clarity was tough going. Holy shit, I was sooooo wrong. I’m mortified by how long it has taken me to get this sucker done (the reasons why have been a combination of wanting to write other things and getting too emotionally involved and therefore not wanting to write the “tough” scenes – I’m a wuss, in other words). I could have written ten novels in the time I’ve wasted staring at this bloody manuscript. And it’s still not done! Even today, I’ve been poking at scenes with a stick. I’m at the point where I’m not completely sure that any of it makes sense. But that might be the seventeen cups of coffee speaking. I am looking forward to seeing the first draft of the cover though! Should be soon. 🙂

I still don’t know if I should concentrate on finishing up the Chaos series or if I should release an Ava book in between those final two books. Opinions appreciated, as always. I probably shouldn’t have released the first Ava book earlier than planned, but I couldn’t resist. When Chaos is done, I’ll probably stick to Ava’s world for a while. Dividing my attention can be a little hit and miss. It’s good for me to switch it up to keep the oul brain refreshed, but I spend too much time rereading previous books to get my brain back in check when I switch series. Because I’m ancient and can’t retain information any more. One of the twins keeps reminding me how old I am, wondering aloud why I don’t need a walking stick, and warning me that he won’t want to give me snuggles when I have a wrinkly old gross face. Apparently, he’s going to bring me everywhere with him when he grows up as long as I don’t let my hair go grey or white or old. What a charmer. Just like his dad. 😛

And my lab-cross literally just leapt up onto my lap (and half-killed me, the big oaf) because she got a fright, so now I have to go calm her down. And help with homework. And possibly (probably?) lose my mind. Have a good week!



Traitor Release

The final book in the Ava Delaney series is now available on Smashwords, Kobo, and Amazon US, UK, CA, etc. Other retailers usually take up to two weeks to update. Blurb & cover below. I have set up a FAQ spoilery page now that I can actually give straight answers to questions. Answers to questions I get a lot will eventually go there. But for now I’m taking the weekend off. 🙂


When Ava first saved Carl from a vampire, she had no idea what would happen next. Thrust into a world of magic, secrets, and betrayal, she’s barely managed to survive. All of the choices she’s made have led her deeper into trouble, and now, a year later, it’s time to grab some control again.

Her enemies are making allies while Ava’s struggling to keep her friends. But even as the larger battles are fought, there’s another enemy creeping underneath, ready to plant distractions and take advantage of the aftermath.

The dark days are coming, quicker than expected. It’s time for Ava to prove herself for the last time, but her final deal will prove the most costly.


Feb Updates

I’m using my phone for this for the first time, so bear with me – WordPress isn’t working on my laptop for some reason. Anyway, as of this week, we have reliable broadband again which means less radio silence from me.

Updates: I thought Death is a Gift would be my next release, but due to one editor bringing forward our schedule, and the other falling behind, Purity is up first. Right now, I’ve no idea when DIAG will be ready. 🙁 Still, expect to see Purity on Amazon, Kobo, & Smashwords early next week – B&N, Apple, etc. will probably take a couple of weeks. I’ll also do a complete Cursed collection option soon, and paperbacks for both soon.

Taste is heading to its editor next week, so I’m hoping for a March release. Traitor, the final Ava Delaney book, should then be available around June if all goes to plan. I will likely have another release in the summer, but I’m not certain which book I’ll choose for that yet.

I’ve been ridiculously busy since October, but I didn’t write much in January (stoopid editing), so I’m looking forward to that changing this month.

I have some writing related stuff on my mind, but it’ll keep until the big anniversary post next month.

Non-updatey stuff: We are probably the only place not to get snow. We got a little flooding, but no snow. We also got an unwelcome mouse, so we’ve stolen a grumpy cat and are hoping she doesn’t assassinate our dogs. (She’s gone into super-stealth mode, so anything can happen). My big scary guard dog is afraid of cats. She’s also afraid of shadows, bin collectors, closed doors, and steam from the kettle, so I may as well put up a Beware of the Cat sign.


Purity, Ava Delaney, and Other Release Updates

I had a long post ready a while back that I forgot to press publish on, so bear with me if this is a mess of ideas. Writing this mostly for the googlers getting sent to the wrong posts.

So I’ve had difficulties with cover art and me being late booking editing slots which have altered the schedule I thought I would have this winter. I can never predict how long a book is going to take me, so that’s something I need to work on. I’ll just post the dates I know about and hope that a cancellation will bring everything forward (but I’m not depending on that to happen). I won’t have individual paperbacks for Thirst, Taunt, and Tempt for the foreseeable future, and there will definitely only be two more books in the Ava Delaney series.

This month, I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo. If you’re taking part and want to buddy up, add me. I’m working on a y/a contemporary novel that I’ve been talking about for years. It’s kind of heavy for me to write, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m also editing if anyone is worried I’m slacking on the series. Those books are in constant rotation. 😉

I’m also pretty much ready for Purity beta readers. If anyone who wanted to beta read Purity is ready this week, let me know by emailing me at

December: I may have a new release. It depends on something out of my control right now, but if whatever needs to happen happens, (sorry to be vague) then it will be a y/a paranormal novel. I’m not certain about this one yet, so if it can’t be done (and it likely won’t be possible in the end), it will be the novel used in January.

Taste will also be ready for beta readers some time in December.

February: I have an editing slot with an editor I haven’t worked with before in late January. That book will hopefully be released in early February. It will also be a y/a paranormal novel.

March: I have an editing slot for Purity booked in February, so it is possible the final book in the Cursed series will be released in late March, but it will likely be early April. (I’ll probably reveal the cover and an excerpt much sooner than this. I’m excited to end the series now, although I will likely revisit this world again because I have a bajillion ideas for it).

May: I have an editing slot for Taste booked in March. I expect it will be available in late May.

I haven’t received a date for the final Ava Delaney book, but I’ll update as soon as I know more. ETA: The final Ava Delaney book will likely be available in July. All of these release dates depend on everything going to plan with all concerned, so… fingers crossed.

The only releases I am certain about after Taste are Traitor and Soul. I’m hoping for an autumn/winter release of Soul as I don’t expect to get a lot done during the summer. I would like to publish something from Ava’s world, but it’s too early to be sure of it. And I didn’t plan to have so many y/a releases next year – it’s just the way it worked out. It probably seems like a lot of releases for next year, but all of the books I’ve mentioned in this post and planned on releasing in 2013 are already written.

In future, I don’t particularly want to release a book in a series until I have the entire series written. Although a lot of the standalone y/a stories could be turned into a series, I don’t have any immediate plans to go down that road again for a while.

If I’ve forgotten anything or you have questions or I’ve missed an email/comment somewhere, poke me with a stick until I answer.

I haven’t been blogging or anything as much because I’ve had a lot on. I’ve been reading blogs when I can, but I haven’t had the time to reply so much. Last week was mid-term break, and this week the kids are sick, and my youngest is on a permanent sleep-strike, so it’s been busy.

I hope everyone’s safe and well. Our heating hasn’t been working for a week or so and it sucks, so I can only imagine what people are going through after Sandy. 🙁


Series InDecisions

So I’m editing Taken at the moment, and I’m debating whether entire story lines fit into this book or the next. Or the next. The problem with writing a series like this one is that at some stage, you end up with a ginormous cast of characters and a lot of parallel storylines. Which is fine enough in a looooong, slower-paced book, but when it’s a shorter piece, it can become confusing. I’ve written book four of the Ava series, and for me, it’s my favourite, but it’s also completely ridiculous, what with all of the characters coming into play (and the various storylines coming together at once).

When I sent Tempt out to beta readers, the majority of them commented on the twins in some way. I was actually really surprised by the focus on these two characters.  Out of those who made specific comments, two didn’t feel that the twins were needed in the story, while the rest were all positive about the twins, many saying they couldn’t wait to see how their story progressed. I went with the majority, but I did accept that there were already quite a few characters in the series. And now Taken really does have a pretty huge cast because, due to certain story lines, the vast majority of players (old and new) make an appearance. I can take some away, and reintroduce some in the next book, but either way, we will end up with a large group of characters.

The thing is, before Ava, there was another story. A story I didn’t write because none of the characters had “it”, that special something that made me want to spend an extended amount of time in their heads. I, personally, have to feel it. There has to be a reason for me to wake up every day and join a character on their journey. And although I enjoy every character I write, good or bad, not all of them are the ones I want to be joined at the hip to for months or years at a time. This probably makes no sense at all to normal people. 😀

I had this world in my head, and it was big and ready for a massive change; it just needed the right character. Peter, Leah, and a number of others all existed before Ava. It wasn’t until I found Ava that I realised she belonged in this world I had already come up with. I wanted to go back and write that first story again, except without Peter, and have those characters cross paths with Ava. Cameo roles for characters who are important to the world itself, and who I will write about again. But I’ve reached that crossover point in Taken, and I still haven’t written that other story. I seriously considered waiting to write Taken until after I published this other story, but I decided it wouldn’t be fair to those who weren’t interested in a crossover story, and I didn’t have the time to write/publish them parallel to each other. My editor has other clients, ya know. 🙂

There’s another issue with this series. All of the characters, even ones we haven’t seen yet, have their own timeline. I like to keep track of what everyone is doing in the background. It takes me longer to work this way, but it helps me focus on the timing of things and helps me add hints to future story lines. (And everyone has a massive back story which doesn’t make it into the book. I would love to have been able to tell Max’s story, for example, but it didn’t fit, and there was so much more to him than was seen in Thirst). But as the cast grows, so does my chance of messing up continuity. And it definitely slows down the editing process. There’s the potential for confusion, so I’m going to do my best to pare things down, but if I pare down too much, then I’ll need to write an extra book to finish the series, and that seems unfair to those who have been reading the stories.

I’ve also considered writing the six Ava books and completing her story arc, then working on some crossover stories, and finally bringing all of the characters, including Ava, into one large story. The problem with that is it might appear as if that final story is changing Ava’s ending. Which could seem unfair, too, and it might be my self-indulgent side talking and wanting to spend more time with Ava. I know I always say I write for myself first, but I don’t want to disappoint people either (this is going to happen no matter what I do, I know), and although I could keep Ava’s stories going for twenty books, I would hate to get to the point where people are begging me to just end it already.

Any advice?

And, seriously, after Ava I’m working on stand alone books for at least a year. Or stories with, like, three characters. 😉


Release Dates

…and a wee dose of random.

I probably need to be a little quicker at figuring out release dates, but I try not to tie myself down because life has a way of getting in the way of plans.  Because of questions about release dates, I should create some kind of proper info page, but in the meantime I’ll post here for the people searching for unfinished sequels.

I’m working on the Ava Delaney series at the moment then I’m jumping onto the Cursed one.  Then back to Ava, and so on.  I wanted to take longer with these particular books partly because of the extra research I’m planning on doing.  The time it takes me to bring out books varies because sometimes I like to finish subsequent books before I release the next in line, and sometimes everything goes quicker than expected.

So, unless something drastic happens:

Tempt (Ava Delaney #3) will be online in November 2011.

Clarity (Cursed #2) will be online in December 2011.

Purity (Cursed #3) -likely the final Cursed book *cries*- will be released in the summer of 2012.

I’m not sure when Taken (Ava Delaney #4) will be released.  It was originally supposed to be the second AD book (except it was then entitled Tempt), but the series worked better in a different order.  Not to mention that minor characters keep telling me their life story and changing everything.  🙂  Of all the ideas for Ava, the main storyline in Taken has been my favourite from the beginning, but I want to do it justice.  It will definitely be finished in 2012, but it might be later in the year rather than sooner, depending on a few things.  I think the series might end in 2013, but I am reluctant to leave that world altogether.  I get attached.  *Shrug*

I am dying to write something new, but I thought it was fairer to finish a series, which is why I’m planning on jumping into Purity after Clarity.  What I do next year mostly depends on how burnt out I am on Ava, I might edit a fae or witchy novel, or work on the reaper draft before I concentrate on Taken.  I have a couple of partial drafts of exciting (to me) stories that I’m trying not to look at until Ava’s story is done, but it’s hard.  I can’t promise I won’t lapse.  I won’t even get into the other genres or commitments.  Popcorn kittens indeed.

I went through my writing folder during my laptop disaster and, spread amongst full drafts, partial drafts, ideas and short stories, total files surpassed 800.  Um, gulp.  I pity whoever takes on the job of sorting through my files when I’m gone.  At least I’m no longer hoarding scraps of paper.  Yay for flash drives.

We’re making important life changing decisions at home at the moment, but I’m still making time for writing.  That recent unplanned extended break seemed to stoke the writing flames somewhat, I’m on 5k plus days lately.  That’s what excessive thinking and a broken laptop does.  I might as well make the most of it now because once I start editing, I’m going to feel the need to poke my own eyes out.

A long weekend is almost upon us here, so have a good one.  😀

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