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>Starting Point

>Things are changing. Traditional forms of communication, publishing and even promoting authors have been updated in multiple ways. It’s harder for hard working authors to persuade publishers and even agents to read their work – publishers seem to be more wary of new talent and the end story is that writers and readers are suffering. Do readers want stories that are commercially successful? Not exactly. They want frequent strong stories by great authors. They don’t care if a book makes money, not really.

The growing popularity of E-readers and Kindle – not to mention the cheapest e-books imaginable becoming the most popular – proves this. People want entertainment they can afford. Convenience. And most of all they want a choice. I want to explore the opportunities out there while at the same time improving my own writing skills. I want to find the newest stories that never got a chance in the paper world but are blowing away the online world. Writers have started to cut out publishers and are doing it for themselves. Yes, there are badly written books but readers don’t take this lightly – their critical reviews make sure that the best books are seen. Feedback is a beautiful thing and we’re all going to benefit from it.

The future of literature has already started. Be a part of it.

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