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Ghost Moon Rising

Ghost Moon RisingSet after Tainted. Blurb below. It’s available on Google Play, Amazon US, UK, CA, AU, etc., B&N, Smashwords, Kobo, and the iBookstoreIE, US, CA, GB, AU, etc.

Ghost Moon Rising blurb:

When Peter Brannigan sold his house, he thought he was done with the bad memories of his past. But as Halloween rolls around, he’s faced with being sued over the fact the house is now haunted.

Determined to deal with the problem before he’s forced to go bankrupt, Peter enlists the help of a reluctant medium and a Catholic priest. But as the violence and danger grow, it soon becomes clear that the problem could be bigger than a disgruntled spirit… and the solution, the one person Peter can’t afford to risk.

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