Traitor – Ava Delaney #6

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When Ava first saved Carl from a vampire, she had no idea what would happen next. Thrust into a world of magic, secrets, and betrayal, she’s barely managed to survive. All of the choices she’s made have led her deeper into trouble, and now, a year later, it’s time to grab some control again.

Her enemies are making allies while Ava’s struggling to keep her friends. But even as the larger battles are fought, there’s another enemy creeping underneath, ready to plant distractions and take advantage of the aftermath.

The dark days are coming, quicker than expected. It’s time for Ava to prove herself for the last time, but her final deal will prove the most costly.

6 thoughts on “Traitor – Ava Delaney #6

  1. I have read all the Ava Delaney Series thus far and anticipating the release of Traitor
    Do you have a definite release date for this book. I am waiting on tenderhooks to read what happens

    • Hey, Sharon. There’s been a slight delay with the proofreading, so as soon as I’m updated, I’ll pass on what I know. Send me an email if you don’t want to wait. 🙂

  2. Cant wait for this book to come out! Just finished Taste last night. When I first purchased Thirst I only purchased it because it was free. I was new to the whole ereader thing and wasn’t expect much of a free book. I was so pleasantly suprised by the book and loved the whole series! Ava is such a great character. While waiting for Taste to come out I read the whole Cursed series and loved loved those too. I wish there was more! You are an awesome author Claire! I would love to see the Ava Delaney books become movies. When reading a book you picture these characters in your own way so it would be interesting to see movies be made. Maybe a future endeavor??

    • It’ll likely be available online next weekend, Tanya. That’s happened to me so many times with freebies. Great way to try something new. Thanks for reading both series. Maybe there will be more some day. 😛

      I think a TV series would work better (or that might just be me wanting it to last longer), but it’s highly unlikely to happen. It would definitely be fun to see the characters brought to life though!

      • Awesome can’t wait! with the tv series…you never know…so many paranormal teen books that I have read are coming to the big screen. You just need your books to get in the right person’s hands.

        • I don’t think mine are big enough for that, but you never know. I might write a biggie some day. Why not dream? 😉

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