Tempt – Ava Delaney #3

There’s a monster running around Dublin, and it’s up to Ava to catch it. The pressure’s on, and she’s becoming as cynical as Peter. But when a demon marks her friend, and a possible threat from England spells war, Ava’s left with a huge choice to make. The lives of one or many.

With a little help, Ava has the chance to win all of her battles… if the darkness doesn’t take her over first.

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17 thoughts on “Tempt – Ava Delaney #3

  1. OHHHHH! i can’t wait tell the forth book comes out.I feel like jumping off the walls just nowing there’s another book coming out.Cant wait Claire….oh and I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. iv read all three ava books in least than 2 weeks :)….Cant wait 🙂

  2. i came upon your first ava book and loved it iv finished all three in the past two days i havent been able to put them down plus i read alot at work . so im really excited to read the fourth one and i really look forward to see what happens with gabe and peters characters. so thanxs for adding hours of entertainment to my life i really enjoyed it and good luck with the future books.

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