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Tempt – Ava Delaney #3

There’s a monster running around Dublin, and it’s up to Ava to catch it. The pressure’s on, and she’s becoming as cynical as Peter. But when a demon marks her friend, and a possible threat from England spells war, Ava’s left with a huge choice to make. The lives of one or many.

With a little help, Ava has the chance to win all of her battles… if the darkness doesn’t take her over first.

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  1. Jayda Jayda

    When will the fourth book be coming out? I’m psyched for it.

  2. OHHHHH! i can’t wait tell the forth book comes out.I feel like jumping off the walls just nowing there’s another book coming out.Cant wait Claire….oh and I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. iv read all three ava books in least than 2 weeks :)….Cant wait 🙂

    • LOL! I feel hyper just reading that. I’m glad you’re liking Ava’s story so far – and sorry I can’t write faster. 😉

      • Take your time i don’t want your hands to get hurts…..:( that would mean you wouldn’t be able to write anymore and that will just set me on edge because….i have to find out if the council finds out about what happened with Becca.IMMA GONNA GO INSANE IF SOMETHING HAPPENS AND I DON’T GET TO READ THE NEXT BOOK.<3 your books are the best and i cant wait. Man i would be your own servant if it meant i got to be the first one to read the next book. 🙂 i Cant wait for the 4th book to come out.

  3. michelle prosser michelle prosser

    i came upon your first ava book and loved it iv finished all three in the past two days i havent been able to put them down plus i read alot at work . so im really excited to read the fourth one and i really look forward to see what happens with gabe and peters characters. so thanxs for adding hours of entertainment to my life i really enjoyed it and good luck with the future books.

    • Thank you very much, Michelle. It’s so good to hear you’re having fun with the story so far. And thank you for giving the books a chance. 🙂

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