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  1. Deneille Deneille

    Thank you so much for the final book. I just finished it and I must admit, I cried at the end. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone else, but I think you know which part. I know Ava is not ready for any relationship at this point in her life and I completely agree with her. You can’t be with someone who treats you like crap just because you might be scared to be alone. I admire and respect that you are sending the message that you have to respect yourself and truly know who you are before you can be with someone else.

    Now on to my actual question. I felt like Ava and Pheonix had chemistry and a bond based on their similar past. Do you think you may explore that whenever Ava does pop up again?

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      I love you. Lol. Seriously, this comment made my day. 😀

      As for the Ava/Phoenix question… I agree they had chemistry and a weird kind of bond. I initially didn’t intend on that happening, but it came out in the writing if you know what I mean. They are quite similar in many ways, but he’s definitely unbalanced now. He’s not quite sure why he does the things he does, and he doesn’t remember being the person who gave up his own life to give his family a chance at survival. He’s drawn to Ava because she’s the kind of person he once was, but there will be all of these lingering guilt issues surrounding the twins and his dead wife and lost memories. I would absolutely love to see how it all plays out as the characters grow and mature, but right now I don’t know when that will happen.

  2. Kyra Mac Kyra Mac

    Hi Claire ^^ I absolutely loved your Ava Delaney books and have also bought the newest Lost Souls books. Now, I noticed you have written some Peter Brannigan novellas and a Phoenix novella. I was wondering in which order I should be reading them?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful books. They are truly inspiring ♥

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      I set up a page on my blog for the order of my books, but if you get confused, just shoot me a specific question. Thanks for reading! Just so you know – some of the shorts tie in with Ava’s series, but you don’t *have* to read them. It’s just for a little extra insight into what else is going on in the world.

  3. Aaron D. Aaron D.

    Hey Claire,
    On a plane ride home I noticed thirst came up on the sci-fi category and decided to read it, that was in October and since then i have read all of the Ava Delaney series and now all 3 of the Lost Souls series, hope you keep writing them cause I can’t seem to put them down

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Thanks for reading. 🙂 I’ll give it my best shot anyway. Cheers!

  4. Jordan E. Jordan E.

    Is it possible that you’re going to write more books? I’ve been an avid fan for about 5 years now maybe more but I remember waiting for you to release new Ava stories and then rereading the entire series once you did. I’m a voracious reader and I tend to rarely reread books but yours are such a fresh take on vampires and the fantasy genre that they never get boring. I never imagined there would be so many books in this series. When I first discovered them there were only the first 3 or 4 out. Now here I am selfishly and shamelessly praying for more tales of the kick butt Ava Delaney! You’ve become my favorite author and you are truly underrated. Usually after 4 books or so a series gets tired but never Ava. You are truly an inspiration and amazingly creative author.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Yeah, I do have plans for more. I was afraid of the series getting old, I suppose, but those characters are impossible to get out of my head. 🙂 When I started Lost Souls, I had the idea of releasing a book a year, but life decided things were going to work differently! Anyway, I have this big idea that’s taking a lot of work because I have to go back through the entire series to make sure everything is “right”. It’ll be a sort of conclusion to this phase of her life, but I can’t rule out further stories along the line. As long as the ideas are there, Ava will show up again.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      • Brittany Brittany

        This makes me so happy!

  5. Jordan E. Jordan E.

    I forgot to select yes for notifications

  6. Donna Shipley Donna Shipley

    Hello Claire… I am captivated by your writing….I discovered your books about 2 months ago and have just finished the Ava Delaney series and beginning the Lost Souls tonight. Please don’t leave us hanging. I read a earlier comment where you stated that you could not get Ava out of your head. GOOD. Please keep them coming. The stories grab you and just aren’t able to put them down. So toast…another weekend soaking up Ava and the saga…thank you….

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Glad you’ve enjoyed Ava. Thanks for reading.

  7. Trinity Trinity

    Hey Claire!! I just have to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading Lost Souls!! I really appreciate that you showed readers that Ava was able to put herself first. I really hope you continue he story, maybe even expanding the relationship she has with Phoenix. I would love to see more of them as a potential couple.

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