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A Little Girl In My Room

This dark fiction collection contains 12 short stories:

Skeleton in the Closet and Childlike Bride – What happens to the vulnerable when they are taken advantage of then abandoned?

A Friend – A lonely ghost bears witness to a Halloween prank that ends in tragedy.

Frozen and Frozen in Reverse – Parallel stories detailing an attack in the words of the victim and then the rapist.

Ready or Not – What’s your idea of hell?

Justice – The lengths the heartbroken will go to for justice . . . or revenge.

Forever Young – Sometimes regrets come too late.

Peace, Deals, A Great Day, A Little Girl in my Room – Four offerings of the supernatural kind.
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  1. Daemonjay! Daemonjay!

    That… Cover… Is as scary as heck D: It reminds me of the girl from The Hole that cried blood! It’s awesome though 😉

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