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Death is a Gift

Death is a Gift

Available on: Kobo, B&N, iBookstore IE, GB, AU, CA, US, etc., Amazon US, CA, UK, etc., and Smashwords.

Her family motto is Death is a Gift and living on the outskirts of a rural village is the only way to cover the madness of her family. All Clíona Desmond wants from life is normality, but the death of her banshee aunt forces her into a world she barely recognises. Her mother hates the banshee, and leading souls away automatically means a solitary life, but the only possibility of escape is remote and involves a love more powerful than a banshee calling. Except Clíona’s already in love with somebody who could never love her back, and her responsibilities ring loud and clear, no matter how hard her loved ones try to pull her back to her old life. Going against the banshee code can have tragic consequences, and maybe death really can be a gift, after all.


  1. Zoe plappert Zoe plappert

    Do you know when the due date to release is yet?

    • Hey, Zoe. I thought it would have been released by now, but the editor who was working on it was sick, so that got delayed, and now I’m too busy working on next month’s release and paperbacks to get back to it. If I get a chance to work on DIAG, it’ll be released next month. If not, then I’ll aim for an April release. Sorry for any confusion.

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