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Soul – Chaos #1

Soul-ChaosThe novel inspired by One Night With the Fae. Available on Amazon US, UK, CA, etc., Barnes & Noble, iBookstore US, GB, AU, CA, IE, etc., and Smashwords now.

Cara Kelly’s life is going nowhere when she’s lured to a faery festival. There she sees darkness and magic, madness and lust, and she comes out the other side with new eyes and an addiction to the fae.

When the faery who saved her life returns to her, Cara knows there’s something wrong. Two souls exist in one body, and both need her, but to help one, she’ll end the life of the other. At first, her mind is made up, but both souls know how to charm her.

As the days pass, it becomes clear that the faeries need a leader, and Cara finds herself sucked into a world where morals don’t exist. The truth of her past is hidden in the magic, but all Cara needs to do is survive the king’s coronation, then the fae will let her go forever.

But that’s not what she wants anymore, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a king and a half-blooded solitary fae. Cara’s losing her way, and her heart, to the fae, but there’s still her life, and her humanity, left to lose.


  1. Britany Britany


    • vanessa vanessa

      i agree!!!

  2. vanessa vanessa

    please please please get all your books available on Barns and Nobles. i have a nook tablet and i can only get books from there. i have read everything of yours that is available on line through b&n. Soul is the only one i cant find. : (

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Vanessa, Soul hasn’t been released yet, don’t worry. 🙂 It’s the neverending story for me – it’s about twice as long as I predicted and the first in a series. I tried to get everything into just one book, but the story wasn’t having it, so it’s taken a lot longer than I anticipated. It’ll be ready to go this winter, fingers crossed!

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