Adversity – Cursed #2.5

Coming Spring 2012

Kali is the seventh of seventh, both blessed and cursed. With a father willing to sell her, and a life already mapped out for her, she’s desperate for an escape. But her way out can only come from the most unavailable person she knows, and stealing happiness comes with a price that many generations will bear.

Amelia’s haunted by disturbingly vivid dreams about a gypsy girl and ignored by everyone else. She’s desperate to prove herself. To show everyone she can help. So when her brother and best friend display the influence of the curse on their free will—or lack of it—and a spirit warns of Perdita’s fast approaching death, she knows she has to do something. Yet she can’t ignore that something huge is happening to her too, and her journey leads her back to where it all began, but not everyone wants her help, after all.

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25 thoughts on “Adversity – Cursed #2.5

  1. i am so addicted to these books! i can’t wait to see this novella .it shall be interesting since i like it already from just the description XD

  2. Oh wow, my gosh! Is it out yet? *checks kindle store* I love your covers, they’re so awesome and almost creepy… 😀

    • Not yet. It’s in the hands of the final proofreader, as far as I know, so it might be another couple of weeks. I probably won’t upload it to Kindle though, at least not straight away, because I can’t set it free there.

      And thanks, glad you think they’re kinda creepy. 😀

        • It won’t be there. It’ll be on Smashwords, definitely. Then itunes and Barnes & Noble and places like that. And hopefully after a few weeks on Amazon – I just don’t want anyone to accidentally pay money for it.

  3. I loved reading all the books in this series so far… I can’t wait to read the last book, any idea when it will be ready? I’m very anxious to see how it will end. I love your writing. I’m also looking forward to your last book Taken in the Ava Series.

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