39 thoughts on “Cursed Series

  1. *Dies*

    T-o-r-t-u-r-e! Pure torture! I love your books *sooo* much and this was by far my favorite series!! It was so… Perfect then… *Cries big fat hurtful tears* Then the curse *sobs* broke! Terrible things are running through my head right now.

    PS. Please, please please don’t make Nathan love Dawn (Although that would be a good read ({ ) Let it be a happy ending!! 😀

  2. Just finished reading books 1, 2, & 2.5. I read thru the others comments but I’m worried Nathan is going to go for Abbi not Dawn. I love the series so far please make it a happy ending for everyone. But I hope the final book comes sooner than march. PLEASE!!!!

  3. I loved this so much when i graduated school backing in 2005 i was happy to really never read unless i have to cuz of my dislexia being so bad that i really never in joyed a book fir the frist time in my life i got to read a book with no trubles an it only took me 2.5 days to read the 3 books out already an i am a mommy that is finaly happy to read an cant waite to read more books from you after this series

      • Your welcome thank you as well becuse i for ones even remember every thing i have read wich is crazy i just got more of ur books so im going to start on thoughs as well to keep looking as well for updates on the series i cant waite to finish them as well thank you for letting me read these an every one els there really good the what i get rapped in it amazing thank you an have a good day as well

          • Sounds grate im also on the ava series as well i just got dun reading my2nd book since my son got sick on me it too me a little longer ti read but i feel like im right there in the book as if its happening when im reading it its really cool butyes i really cant waite for the series of the cursed isout as well hope you have a good night an if you ever come to do a book singing i would love to be there if you do one in the united states in az 🙂

              • Lol its hot here the cold is not that cold ever even winter an rain lol what that jk we get it but reall not much at all im now dune reading the series of ava as well on to you other books well i waite for the last one on that one as well 🙂 hope you doing good an ya thanks my son is doing much better

  4. I recently just reread all your books and OHMYGOD they were amazing, again. 😀 Ive read the Ava series and all your short stories x) Im a bit of a Claire Farrell nerd. I just love the way you write things *fellow Irish person* 🙂 Keep writing more books please! :O

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