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2016 FTW… Maybe

I thought I should update – it’s been too long since I did a proper post. I’m not going to be officially announcing any upcoming new releases for a bit. I haven’t even scheduled editing or covers yet. I took a couple of weeks off over the Xmas, but I’ve been back in the office this month. I’m working on a number of things, but I don’t want to tie myself down with deadlines because every single bloody time I say I’m going to release a book, my brain decides I need to write at least three other books first. 😀 I’ll update when I’m closer to a release.  Just know for now that I’m planning on spending the next three months writing my arse off.

I’ll just briefly update on books/series you might be interested in. Some stuff is already written, but I still have a lot of work to catch up on.

Chaos – Probably nothing in 2016. I have already written in the world again with a new character, but I think I’ll be putting it aside while I clear up other stuff. I love this world, and I put a lot of work into it, so I’m definitely going to revisit, but right now, I’m already juggling too much stuff.

Evans Pack/Harbinger – I held back Harbinger last Halloween because I had another release that month (and the book is way bigger than I expected). I’m aiming for another Halloween release, but only if I’ve made some headway with the other Evans pack books that I’ve been planning for yonks. So, maybe?

Ava & Lost Souls –  I’m still not wholly sure if Ava will be the star of the show at all this year. These books, man. 😀 I’ve been on a slow build, dropping hints all over the place, trying to piece stuff together, and I think I’m finally getting there. It’s taking me a lot longer than I expected because, well, it’s me. I can’t do anything in a straight line. Right now, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be inserting a new trilogy (more similar in style to the original series) in between Lost Souls #3 and #4. I’m hesitant about estimating dates and such. Just because I want to write something doesn’t mean it’s easy it ends up published, so there’s that.

Hollow – Hollow is that contemporary story I thought would be therapeutic but couldn’t face editing. (I just checked. I wrote it in 2012, bought a cover, and then pretended the whole story didn’t exist because I couldn’t deal with the emotions – ha). Every now and then, I take it out and read it and think I’m going to whip it into shape before realising I’ve underestimated how painful it is for me to work on. I’m going to crack on with it one last time this year to see if I can finish the thing. If I can’t, I might upload it to Wattpad for the curious. (This is project pan in book form, people).

Something new – If I don’t work on something new sometimes, my brain decides to melt out of my left ear. I’ve been sitting on three or four different series that I haven’t had time to focus on, and I’d like to do some work on one of those. I’m leaning toward something witchy, but we’ll see what happens. I’m open to taking requests. 🙂

Current work in progress – This week, I’m working on Bad Blood, the second VBI story. I thought this was going to happen earlier, but I kept changing the timeline, and it only fits now. It’s going well (or it will once I stop making new playlists or editing this blog post for the seventeenth time). Basically, Layla hires Peter and Val to prove that her ladies aren’t the ones spreading a new super(natural) STD. Hehe. After that, I’ll be back to Secret Self (book 3) in which Peter and Val hunt down Ava. I’ve never been this excited about anything ever. 😀

That’s about it. Not gonna lie, 2015 was a tough year for me writing-wise. I struggled with pretty much everything I worked on because I let myself get stressed out about… all of the things. It was really disappointing and frustrating. That’s partly why I went offline most of the time. Over the holidays, I just put it all aside and focused on my family, and while it’s been tough getting back into the office, I’m slo(ooooo)wly finding my confidence again. I’m looking forward to what I have planned, but if those plans need to change, then I’m going to be less hard on myself about it. She says now… 😉



>Not much for the check-in.  Taunt is up to 16k – barely.  Things will get back on track, I’m just exhausted right now.  Check out the rest of the participants here.

My daughter is home, yay.  Her burns are healing well (so they tell me, they look awful to me) and she didn’t pick up a bug in hospital after all.  Little panickers.  She’s kind of bored and afraid to use her hands but she’s *gasp* using her imagination to entertain herself.  She’s still paranoid about anyone touching her wounds.  If the twins even look in her direction, I hear a high-pitched shriek.  Mammy!  They’re going to touch my belly!

Her hair is a mass of tangles (for reference, her hair was perfect when we left the hospital.  Fifteen minutes in the car and it was a ball of knots).  It’s like her hair goes, ooh, they’re not looking, let’s screw with their heads and tangle ourselves until we look nice and matted.  That never been brushed look is so in right now.  It looks like she’ll be fine by her birthday so that’s a relief.  We’re just trying to get back to normal right now.


>My Baby Girl Finally Arrived

> My fifth child arrived on Saturday. (Thankfully, she waited until after her big brother’s birthday.)  After all the waiting she made me do, she decided to rush into the world with one push before the ambulance could even pull over. She weighed in at 9lb 8oz and is turning out to be the calmest, most placid newborn ever. She’s also the most beautiful little chubster I’ve seen in a while.

We came home two days ago and I haven’t even started catching up on things, I’m just enjoying being a new Mammy in love again. I took this picture this morning while we were waiting for the big, bad nurse to arrive with her needle. I have about a million baby photos to sort through already!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things but I think I’m going to make the most of having a newborn around for a little longer first.  They grow too fast to risk missing a moment.  🙂

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>I had a bit of a false alarm yesterday so didn’t schedule the post I planned for today.  I’m so over being pregnant but I was still praying nothing would happen until I reached 37 weeks.  That’s today, technically classed as full term so bring it on baby.  Even a day beforehand and they make a big deal out of it so anytime now is fine with me.  Better charge my ereader just in case!

I’ll get the other post done as soon as I can/feel like it but I wanted to update from the last post and note that method for hyperlinking table of contents seems to work well.  I could only download the samples onto my pc application for Kindle but the links were all clickable so yay for that option and yay for me learning something new.  Pity it doesn’t work for Smashwords too because it’s quicker than their preferred method.

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>Updates at Smashwords

>I’ve been working on paper all day so only read the email from Smashwords a while ago.  First of all they have signed a new distribution agreement.  From the 1st of April, their premium catalog will be sent to Apple for inclusion in the iPad iBookstore.  On the 31st, we’ll have to select the option to opt in but no worries there.  They must have a unique ISBN attached.  Prices must end in .99 so if yours don’t, they will probably adjust them automatically to the nearest .99.  Get on it, if you want control of your own price.  Royalties are 60% of the list price.  The eBooks have to cost less than the print versions.  Crack-a-lacking as it should be.

Smashwords are providing ISBNs as of now.  Even if you live far, far away.  They are providing free ISBNs – the catch being that Smashwords are listed as the publisher.  This is not a problem for me right now but I know plenty of people have a problem with this.  Fear not, they also offer ISBNs for under a tenner and you can list yourself as the publisher and Smashwords as the distributor.  You can pay for this out of your future earnings, if any.  Freebies can’t use this option at the moment.  And if you already have an ISBN (a brand new one that has not been used) you can assign it to your eBook on the site.

I’ve been over there, the ISBN newness occurs immediately if you choose an option.  Also, note that these particular ISBNs are only intended for the e-pub versions of your manuscripts.  Different formats may require further ISBNs in the future.  For now, these ISBNs will ensure inclusion in the shipments to Sony and Apple.  I am pleasantly surprised by how quickly this has been settled in the end and we’re all included in the joy.  And don’t forget, an ISBN means your book is included in Books in Print.

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