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>Happy Read an Ebook Week

>Check-in:  Worked on outlines for Tempt and STS.  Added to a short story.  Visit the rest of the crew here.

When I say outline, I basically mean I’ve written what amounts to a synopsis.  Sometimes I’ll get an idea and expand upon it but usually, my outlines are pretty high-level and detail-sparse.  I have a rough outline for both Tempt and STS (aka the fae novel, couldn’t keep calling it that :/) but that’s the easy part and both are very bare.

I think I’ve settled into a POV in STS now.  I read the part I wrote last April and it was really bad.  Awful.  Embarrassing.  I would have ditched the whole idea except I then found the stuff I wrote last October and it was much better, plus I really like the voice.  I don’t remember writing it, I don’t remember where I was going with it but I like it so I’ll let it stay.  There’s a reason why I haven’t finished that particular story (aside from snowflaking it until it bored me to tears) but I’ll save that for another post.

I’m very excited about Tempt (Ava Delaney #3).  I already knew the major plotline for this one while I was still writing the first book, but the end of Taunt (#2) led me to an even bigger one.  I have a feeling the ending will differ greatly from the outline – I can’t wait!  As a sequel to Thirst (#1), Taunt was unexpected and a good chunk of it runs very differently to Thirst but Tempt kind of goes back to where Thirst was headed.  Originally, it was supposed to be a trilogy, (Thirst, Tempt and Taste) but when I first tried to write Tempt, I realised it wasn’t the next part of the story.  I’ll be taking a step back when this one is done, to figure out the exact order of the other books, there’s at least three more.  ‘Tis all very confusing.  😀

Last night we celebrated my indieversary.  LOL.  I felt like it was a big enough deal to warrant a min-celebration.  And now it’s time for Read an Ebook Week.  Go.  Run.  There’s a lot of freebies and good deals on ebooks for a week so go find them!  I’m participating on Smashwords and so are many others.


>Oh, The Randomness!

>Time for some random items. First off, if you like cakes then become a fan of this facebook page, Anyone for Cake? This girl has some talent. She’s based in Galway and all I am doing is thinking about things I could be doing that might require a cupcake or 40. If I ever come into a lot of money this lady is going to be very busy.

Next up are two pieces of writing that I have read and particularly enjoyed this week. One is Scratch by Jeremy C. Shipp. The other one is The Cutting Goodbye by Lark Neville. Not sure how I came across either of them but I thoroughly enjoyed them for completely different reasons.

Also, it’s the last day of Read an Ebook Week. It’s Saturday afternoon here so I can not be arsed figuring out time differences but I’m pretty sure it’s over in the morning for me so still plenty of time for some more downloads if you haven’t gotten stuck in already. I now have a huge reading list because of Smashwords. First on my list is Xenolith by A. Sparrow. I find the blurb intriguing and the writer has constantly worked on improving the story if their posts around various boards are anything to go by. Oh and if you haven’t already, take a quick looky at a free short story I have up there, The Old Kind. Please and thank you.

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>Code for Free Ebook

>Smashwords are having some technical difficulties with the 100% off promotion code for Read an Ebook Week. While they are working on it, I’ve generated an additional code that can be used to purchase A Little Girl in my Room & Other Stories for free.

Type EF96D into the space provided before checking out and this Ebook will be free.

If there are any other books you would like to download for free but are having trouble with, just give it a few hours or try again tomorrow. I’m sure the issue will be sorted asap.

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>Read an Ebook Week

>Today is the first day of Read an Ebook Week. To celebrate, a promotion is now running on Smashwords. Lots of books are at a discount or completely free (like mine) so make the most of it and get downloading. Check out the 100% free books on Smashwords and see what you think.

A Little Girl in My Room & Other Stories is just one of many books that are free this week. Take advantage of the special offers and stock up on some ebooks this week. And if you find a new great read then please share!

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