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About Claire

I am a speculative fiction writer based in Ireland. I have five children, three dogs, and a rabbit, and in my spare time I love to read, listen to music, game, and binge Netflix shows (recommendations welcome!) I write stories in various lengths and genres, but I mostly focus on low fantasy novels. You can find me online by clicking on the links to the left or signing up to my newsletter.

I can also be found on,


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Beta readers:

Beta reading is when I send early copies of a book to a group of readers in order to gain feedback on the story/characters/series progression. Continuity is also important.

I am not currently looking for beta readers, but when that changes, I will update the blog and Facebook.


  1. Hi Claire – I have linked up with you on Twitter @120Socks – nice to make another Irish connection. Happy writing and I hope your laptop worries have a good ending!

  2. Claire, I just followed you on Twitter. I sampled a couple of your books. You’re very talented.

    Best wishes for you and your writing career!

  3. James James

    I guess us Irish like the same things!! Love your book Thirst. Looking forward for more.

  4. Allan Coulton Allan Coulton

    Hi Claire
    Just started reading your books, Ava Delaney 1&2 and looking forward to 3.
    A really good read, keep up the good work (children permitting)

  5. Tessa Tessa

    hello, i really enjoyed your books Thirst and Taunt 🙂 will there be a third book in the series? looking forward to reading more of your works

    • Hi Tessa, I’m uploading the next book tomorrow. It should be available on Amazon and Smashwords in a couple of days, but it’ll take a bit longer to make it to other places.

  6. Jaga Jaga

    I got a NOOK for Christmas and Thirst happened to be a book that I was able to dowload for free….just trying to test out my NOOK and see what it was like to read on it…I read Thirst in about a day and half and then had to purchase the next two in the Ava Delaney Series. I just finished the second one and I am onto the third…I see on your website that you have a lot going on….I was just wondering if Ms. Delaney would be having anymore adventures anytime soon?
    Thanks for the amazing reads!

    • Thanks for giving my books a try. 🙂

      Ava’s next story should be available around July/early August.

  7. Regina Regina

    I just read the ava book for free on b&n it was awesome! I will definetly buy some of your others. That was very smart to put it out there for free i will recommend it to all my friends. Also i live in us in tenessee it has beem my dream to visit the birth place of my ancestors. Would you have any bed and breakfast reccomendations?

    • Thanks, Regina. It’ll always be free. 🙂

      Ha, that depends on which part of Ireland takes your fancy.

  8. An Irish indie author! Cool! I’ve had your books on my to-read/wishlist for a while now but hadn’t realized you were Irish (I am too, I live in Cork), I’ll have to get to them sooner now. 😉

    • Hey there, (relatively distant) neighbour. *waves* I don’t get enough Irish visitors. 😀

  9. Christina Christina

    Loved the first book “Thirst” in the AvaDelaney series! I just finished reading it, and thought I would leave a comment before purchasing “Taunt” for my ereader. My family has Irish roots, but I have yet to visit Ireland as much as I would love to go! The stories I hear are amazing. Maybe a bit more of what Ava’s surrounding hometown looks like, for those of us Americans who can only imagine how beautiful Ireland’s providences and villages really are, or how dangerous the old architechture of the buildings and pubs can look in the moonlight could be described?

    I look forward to completing Ava’s journey and have thouroughly enjoyed the way you have written the story. Good luck on future endevours and God bless you and yours!

    • Hey, Christina. Thanks for reading Thirst.

      And thank you for the comments, I’ll keep them on board when I’m writing the next one. 🙂

      • Christina Christina

        Just finished “Taunt”, Ava’s story just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait to start “Tempt”!

        You have a wonderful story-teller’s gift! I love that you made the characters so intriguing, that it’s so easy to become engrossed in their
        world, and so hard to put the book (ereader) down!

        Definetely books that I will be recommending.

        If I may ask, how did

        • Christina Christina

          Sorry, internet cut out for a minute… you come about being a “supernatural” author? Do you believe in “other-wordly” entities, had any personal experiences, or just plain facinated with the paranormal legends? I love myth and mystery, so I just thought I would ask.

          I’m dying for Ava and Peter to begin a romance!

          • Hey, Christina. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

            No, I don’t believe in anything at all. Although that might be why I write these things! I am fascinated, to be honest. When I was a kid, I read any mythology on deities I could get my hands on, “true” ghost/poltergeist stories, lore from a lot of different countries. I suppose I’m of the opinion that fun fiction should be as far away from reality as possible for me. 🙂

            • Christina Christina

              Thanks, Claire, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions and respond to your fans! It makes the reading experience so much more enjoyable, and personable when one can relate to the author. I think that all your childhood “investigating”, your life-long facination with all things “other-worldly”, and your personal beliefs are what make your work so relateable and appealing to many. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind that I rave about you and reccomend your books on my personal “book club/rating” blog.

              “Tempt” is my favorite book thus far! Love the introduction to new characters, the play on biblical and pagan deities was clever, and so many questions were finally answered; not that many more weren’t left in their wake. I am left with my mouth watering for more! Please tell me “Taken” isn’t to far off? I am “Ava Delaney” obsessed! ;0

              One quick question… I am a little confused with where we are on the timeline… If the last turned vampire is over a century old, and humans have been able to mutate, what year is it? Also, I am very interested in what happened to make this turn of events? … FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

              Always sending good thoughts and energy your way…

              • Gonna reply to this in a new comment because it’ll look weird. 🙂

  10. Christina, that’s very kind of you. I always say thanks for the support, but I really do mean it – none of this would be possible for me if it wasn’t for readers who are enjoying the story.

    Anyway, Taken should be available around July/August – and I know I’m a bit evil with the hints and questions, but I can’t help myself. 😀 I had always planned on all of the books being linked, and so far I like how that’s going, so I’ll keep doing it until the end. If I could reveal the last secret on the last line of the last book, I so would. 😉

    Great questions, btw. I’ll try to be succinct here, but basically, I like to think of Ava’s world as a parallel one to ours. Except the old mythology was always true in some form. So when people feared vampires, it was because they were real, spreading wildly, and on a higher rung on the foodchain. By medieval times, faith wavered as religions began to divide, lowering human defences (we’ll be getting into that one soon – more about the initial creation of vampires and the counter attack to that) vampires had gone overboard, wiping out entire villages at a time (instead of disease). Other supernaturals stepped in, partly because they also depended on humans for their survival (through energy/emotion/devotion, etc.). The fae used the werewolves (in some lore, werewolves protected humans from vampires/walking dead) to finally bring the vampires into line.Humans evolved to survive, building up immunities, and slowly, genetics protected them, whereas the vampires couldn’t exactly evolve because they aren’t living, and they couldn’t keep up with the progress. They lost even more power and depended on the old alliances to survive themselves. The heads of covens and old vampires had the sense to fall in line to save the power they had, and some decided there had to be a way to use genetics to get back to the glory days.

    As for the timeline… it’s pretty close to ours, but I try not to pin it down too much. Same with descriptions and appearances, I like to let the reader have control of those aspects as much as possible. I get a kick out of hearing what other people got from the story because it will be so different from the next person in some ways.

    Sorry for the mahoosive message. Hopefully it makes some kind of sense. It’s like 4.30am, so it might be a wee bit muddled. 😀

    • Christina Christina

      Most excellent answers, Claire!! Everything makes perfect sense…even at 4:30 a.m.! (It really is quite the time difference, isn’t it? It’s 9:20 p.m. here in Oregon,USA)

      I guess since I have to wait until summer…lol. 😉

      I am going to purchace and read “The Night of the Fae.” I cannot wait to check out what else you have you your sleeve! So looking forward to all your works.

      Congratulations btw… 🙂

      As always…my best,

      • LOL @ how long that last comment I made was. Massive time difference. 🙂

        And thanks again, hope the wait won’t seem so long. 😉

  11. Christina Christina

    So I just finished “A Night With the Fae,” and I have to admit that just as soon as it started, it ended; I was definetley left wanting more. 🙁

    I did however find the characters and storyline to be intriguing and facinating! 🙂

    Will there be a sequal?

    All the best,

    • It was never intended to be anything more than a short story, but I ended up writing a novel in Cara’s POV; it runs from her part in the short stories to what happened next. I have a cover for it, but I still have to edit it, and sadly, that’s definitely the longest part of the process. I suck that way. 🙂

      • Christina Christina

        Hi Claire!

        Yay! I’m so glad to hear that. I love your writing style, and once you find an author (yes, author; not “just a storyteller.”) whose books you can’t put down, it makes one want to gobble up everthing they’ve written and desperate for more! 🙂

        LOL… That came out a wee bit stalker…ish.

        Best regards,

        • Ha, you’ve been paying attention. 😉

          Nah, not at all stalker…ish. And in that case, I wish I had more work fully edited and ready to go. 🙂 Trust me, I know what it’s like. I love Patricia Briggs, and I would be ecstatic if she wrote like seven books a year, but she doesn’t, so I wait impatiently anyway!

          • Christina Christina

            Hi Claire!

            I just finished a book by Christine Butler that was pretty decent; “Birthright,” it is the first book in the “Awakening Series.” I’ll have to give Patricia a go.

            I know your time is sparse and spread a bit thin…but here are a few T.V. shows you may enjoy, if you haven’t already checked them out…”Grimm,” “Being Human,” “True Blood,” and “Game of Thrones.”

            All my best,

            • I actually downloaded Birthright last month. 😀 We watch Grimm (although we’re behind) and True Blood, but himself didn’t like Game of Thrones, so I’m waiting to watch it myself sometime. I think I saw an episode or two of the English version of Being Human. I must take another look at it. I haven’t been watching too much telly lately, kind of saving up stuff as a reward. Which sounds all kinds of weird. 😀

              • Christina Christina

                Hi there stranger! 🙂

                So I just read your March 2012 blog and it sounds like you are finally feeling like you are coming into your own. How wonderful that sales are picking up in the U.S.! We seem to love a freebie, right? (Wankers, the lot of us!)
                Is the sequel you finished the one that continues “Night with the Fae,” perchance?

                Was glad to hear everthing is going so well for you; who the haites is organized any more… the only people I know that are, have some form of OCD…which takes to much energy and then what you get in the end, anyways, is just an illusion of organization…because you know you will soon find yourself forgetting which little thingy goes into what little thingymabob and begin to make piles

                • Ha, maybe some day. 😀

                  I love freebies, too. Woo for wankers. Okay, that was weird. 😛

                  That particular sequel (it’s called Soul) is not getting very far very fast. It’s getting harder and harder to reach the finishing stages on books right now. Between gathering up beta readers, and finding a slot in my editor’s busy schedule, and the cover art fiascoes, I am kind of struggling to finish things off. I seem to keep underestimating the length of time it takes to get stuff done, especially the stuff that’s not in my hands. But I’m still chipping away at stuff and hoping it all comes together in the end. 🙂 At the very least, Soul has a cover!

                  • Oh, yuck @ the skinny message. I just had to add that if I was even slightly better at organisation then things would probably go a lot quicker. I need to do some kind of of course on it. 😉

  12. @ Christina – If you hit reply, the message should show up looking relatively normal. 😀

    • Christina Christina


      Have faith! 🙂

      I know you’ll “chip” everything into shape. Trust me, us fans will definitely wait for you! Remember to take some time out for yourself. Don’t stress on the cover art, it’s your words that capture and intrigue us…keep us coming back for more.

      What sequel did you finish?

      All my best,

      • I think I was on about Taunt – as in the first sequel I ever published. Or something. 🙂

        It’s been tough lately. The kids are absolutely hating me “working”, and I’ve had an extra one at home during school hours recently, and the baby has suddenly decided night time is playtime. And next week all five of them will be at home, so, erm, yeah. Cue my head exploding.

        This is just one of those high stress months. We’ll be okay once Clarity is out the door. 😀

    • Christina Christina

      I forgot to mention that I just purchased “Verity,” and a couple of your short story compilations from the kindle store. I can’t wait to get started, while I wait for “Ava.” 🙂

      As always, I will give an honest review……they look exciting already!

      All the best,

        • Christina Christina

          Hey Claire!

          Sorry to hear about the stress with the munchkins. Everybody needs a piece of mommy all at once, especially when your trying to work. Been there…done that. 🙂

          I just finished “Verity,” and I enjoyed it. Was this series created with young adults in mind perchance?

          All the best,

          • That’s the job. 😉 I can’t really complain; they’re all kinds of awesome.

            Yep. *Young* young adults. 🙂

            • Christina Christina

              Happy St. Patty’s Day!

              Well I suppose yours was yesterday, eh? I forget about the time difference.

              • It’s still Paddy’s Day here. (It’s a little after ten pm). And same to you. 😀

  13. Dave Allen Dave Allen

    I just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed your work. I stumbled upon Thirst while I was searching for an e-book to purchase. Wow! Here’s to your continued succes!

  14. Daemonjay! Daemonjay!

    I lurve your Cursed Series! <3 So talented, I'm from ireland too, well, Northern ireland anyway!

  15. Mike Mike

    Hi Claire,
    I realy enjoyed this book.

      • Hey clarie…is there gonna b a 3rd book?

        • If you mean the Cursed series, there will be one more book.

          • When will the 3rd book in the cursed series come out

            • Sabrina, I’m not too sure right now, but I’ll post here on my blog as soon as I have a better idea. 🙂

              • Christina Christina

                Hello again, Claire!

                Sorry I haven’t had the chance to converse with you for quite some time now…Getting my degree has been very time consuming. I hope all is well?:)

                I haven’t had the time for my reading pleasure and was wondering what projects you have out now, since I have the next three months off? You know what a huge fan I am of your work, so I want to read your books first!

                Again, I hope this note finds you and yours in good spirits and health! Happy holidays! 😉

                All the best,

                • Hey, Christina. How is that going for you?

                  I haven’t had anything new in a while. Next week, I hope to have a short y/a vampire novel out. In February, I’ll hopefully have a y/a banshee novel, and then in March, I should have the last of my Cursed series. So I’m all y/a all the time for the next couple of months. 🙂

                  And Soul is on the agenda later on in 2013. At last! 😉

                • Oh, shoot, I meant to say if you’re looking for something new to read, maybe try Water Witch and Blood Witch (Elemental Magic Series) by Thea Atkinson. She’s a far better writer than I am, and I love her books. Last week, I stayed up all night to read the second in the series (Blood Witch) when I really should have been editing. Lol. Anyway, just thought I should probably be a *little* less self-absorbed and recommend something I didn’t write. 😀

                  • Hey Claire!

                    Great to hear from you! The college scene is still for the young… I am overwhelmed sometimes, but still making good marks. I graduate in @ 6 months. Thanks for asking! Just taking a much needed break.

                    Glad to hear that you have some new stuff out/coming out. I am going to start with the new Ava… You are so funny! I’ll give Thea a go when I finish reading the

                    • Well done! You definitely don’t want to burn out. Breaks are important. So says the frequent break-taker. 😉

                      I like Goodreads, but it’s kind of overwhelming, so I just stick to updating my read list every now and then. Which I’m very overdue on doing. 🙂

                      Beta readers are just early readers who give their honest opinions on the storyline/characters, pick out continuity errors, and find the legion of silly things I type when my hands aren’t as fast as my brain. 🙂

  16. Books you recommended…sorry for the break in posts, stupid tablet seems to have a mind of it’s own! I swear my stylus is in league with it!

    I’ll check out the y/a books…I believe I still need the second installment of the “Cursed” series.

    As always, best of luck and happy writing/editing! I can’ t wait to begin reading!

    • Christina Hall Christina Hall


      I just found the “goodreads” website! I have rated all of your books I read….no reviews yet…I will sit down sometime this week and write something. I am new to the site yet, so I am still trying to navigate and figure it out.

      I don’t exactly know what a “beta reader” is, but if it is something that I can help you with, I’m all in! Just let me know!

  17. Christina Hall Christina Hall

    Yikes! What is up with all the skinny messges, eh? I had to put your reply in a Word Doc just to read it! LOL 🙂

    I feel like I’m already burnt out but with graduation in sight I don’t want to drop the ball, hence the “leave of absence” from my education. Unfortunately I have a few health issues that require frequent breaks from some activities when they “flare up.” Reading is my escape and allows me to squash any frustrations over having a body that doesn’t seem attached to my brain! 😉

    Wow! Was that too much personal info? LOL It just comes out sometimes……If you ever need me to “beta read” for you, just give me a shout!

    Just barely finished the last book of a series from author Nicky Charles…..I believe it’s his first go on the supernatural….adult read. Not too bad. Have you ever read anything from Maggie Shayne? I think you would like her!

    • Apparently, my blog doesn’t enjoy my conversations. 🙂

      I hate when that happens, the burnout I mean. Always gets there before you realise it. Think that might be why I’m sleeping so much lately! Health issues suck balls. Lucky we have books to turn to. Except I tend to go crazy until I burnout on reading, too. 🙂

      If you’re ever free when I have something ready that you’re interested in, just send me an email. That way I don’t feel as pushy. 😛

      I think I recognise both of those names, I’ll have to check and see if I’ve read the books though. I’m so terribly bad with names. I blame it on the amount of books out there. 🙂

      • Christina Hall Christina Hall

        Hey there my far-a-way Irish gal!

        Can`t believe how much time has passed since we last wrote! I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that I have purchased all the Ava books and have began reading them over… love, love, love them! I also got Soul…. oh how I have waited for that one!

        I see you are becoming ever popular with the fans, and am uber excited for your accomplishments! I keep up with your blog and every now and again hop on the bandwagon here to leave you some encouragement! 😉

        I truly hope this little note finds you and the kiddies doing well… the large kiddo too! Lol

        Keep writing, keep sane, and laugh often…gotta love those little ones and their words of wisdom!

        Take care,

        • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

          I had you in mind when I was pushing Soul out. I might have given up otherwise. 😉

          And I don’t know about that, but it’s still nice to hear from you again! Kiddos big and small are doing well, thanks, Christina. Stay well. 🙂

          • Christina Christina

            So good to hear from you! Glad everyone is doing well, Claire! 🙂

            Thank you so much for Soul! LOVED IT!… I am forever grateful that you did not give up! Anytime, anyway, I an lend my assistance, just give me a holler!

            Speaking of “pushing,” I have every one of my sisters (I have 7, including step and half sisters) and a couple cousins started on your books now… not to mention a few friends! I figured after having you to myself for 3 years was long enough!…LOL 😉 Everyone has their own “favorites”, but ♀Ava♀ and ♫The Fae♪ will always have that special place in my heart! <3

            Stay well, as well, my friend! And don't forget to come up for air!

            • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

              Well, I’m really glad because working on that series has been a lot of fun. Kind of brought me back to the things that made me love writing in the first place.

              Holy crap @ the amount of sisters you have! I grew up with brothers, so I can’t even imagine what that’s like. 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word – that’s very generous of you!

              It was my daughter’s birthday this week, so it’s getting back to work that’s the problem now. 😀

              • Christina Hall Christina Hall

                Dearest Claire…

                I just finished reading the 5 Ava Delaney books over again, and am hoping to start the last one this evening… I have to admit that I am very nervous and sad in a way to begin… is it wrong for me not to want to say goodbye? 😉 As always I am very happy that you have began a new series, and have purchased them for my personal library… please do continue another Indieversary… I hope the kiddos are better and back in school now! Keep trucking my Irish friend!


                • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

                  I’ve been working on new Ava books. Not the same kind of series with a big arc though. Just something to keep her around a little longer. So, yeah, I definitely understand not wanting to say goodbye. 😀

                  Thanks, Christina. It’s been fun working on something different, but my old characters are still talking to me. And yes, I do sound like a crazy person, but so be it.

                  Stay well!

  18. Erika Erika

    Really enjoy your books and the approach you take. I have also rated your books on I have all my girlfriends reading your books now. Happy Writing!

  19. Christy Christy

    I am really enjoying your cursed series….I am nearing the end of the second book (clarity). I love the names you have used and their characterizations. I am planning a trip to Ireland next year. I love the language….so interesting. Thank you for the lovely book and the amazing people! Fantasy is often way better than reality!!!

    • Thanks, Christy. Where are you planning on visiting? Hope you have a great time!

  20. Amanda Amanda

    First of all, your stories are Enthralling and completely amazing… the Ava Delaney series is my favorite so far, and the Chaos series, but I so wish your Ava Delaney series would b made into movies or a Television series because it is sooo complicated and kept me up late many nights just to know more that I would love to watch it as well. But you are such a vivid writer that I could see it all so clearly in my mind, and that’s rare lately… although I have noticed that I had no real idea what the main characters actually looked like because u never really solidly described them, but i caught hints here n there in your books about red hair or dark hair.. but eye color n stuff you never really got into it with your main characters. And I wouldn’t really know what they looked like or couldnt really picture them well until later in the story when you might have said a little snippit about hair or something… but other than that little thing your stories have captured me, I am truly a fan of yours and will look forward to many more amazing adventures to go on!! Thank you truly for your talent and sharing your imagination mind with the world!

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Hey, Amanda. Thanks for reading (especially Chaos considering that’s what I’m working on most of the time!). Have a great weekend. 🙂

  21. alexa alexa

    hey claire my name is alexa

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Hi, Alexa.

  22. alexa alexa

    i am reading the ava delany series, and i am really in love with that series, i think i am on the 5th book, taste, it is like so freakin awesome, but i wanted to ask you a question, it is for a high school letter, and i wanted to send it to you, not to be all stalker-ish, but could you please send me your mailing address,

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell


  23. alexa alexa

    i like meant your mailing address like so i can send you mail, and i know you are probably all creeped out, but if you can give to me today that would be like totally awesome. but i am kind of getting a little scared that i will fail in my language arts class. 🙁

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      That is my mailing address.

  24. alexa alexa

    oh , like you don’t have a p.o box, or a mail box, also I kind of meant like does go to a post office, I am so sorry I am being picky about things, hopefully you are not scared of me, but I am kind of scared of getting a bad grade, I am so sorry

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      ??? I have a mailbox…

  25. alexa alexa

    I feel so dumb right now, you probably are all scared of me because I am asking you for your mailing address, but so far all I am asking of is to please give me your mailing address so I can send you a letter, you are my favourite author because of thirst. but please at least give me your address, I just want to send you a very important letter.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      And I gave it to you.

  26. alexa alexa

    so you mean that you don’t have any numbers in it, huh that is so weird compared to the U.S mailing address. I might need some help on how to send it to you, like does go to a post office and you just pick it up or what? I am so sorry for making you do this, I am so obnoxious aren’t I

  27. alexa alexa

    I am totally guessing that you are denying me right now, I am so sure that I am such a creepy girl, I am so sorry for making you do this, I am just scared that I might get a bad grade in my language arts class. my teacher is just really strict. well, I don’t know what to do I am going to start to panic on my grades. so well, I am just so sorry, I am probably going to keep talking to just for the company, I actually have no friends. I am an outcast at my school a nobody,

  28. alexa alexa

    i am so sorry for bugging you again. I am sorry and a little anxious, I am begging you to help me out so I can send my letter to you, you are the world’s greatest author to me. all I wanted to do was send you a simple letter. I am guessing that despise me writing to you. I know I am asking of you to much, but all I want is your address. its not like a 16 year-old girl can fly to Ireland and stalk you. I would never do anything like that. i actually hoped that we could become friends. but you must be better then a girl who is just 16 years old. i was happy that you responded the first time i talked to you . i was so excited that i got to talk to my favorite author. now i am just crying because, because i have no friends, i am a stupid girl that can never do any thing right. and everyone knows it. well i will be on your blog. i guess. please respond back to me. i am so desperate.

  29. chris M chris M

    please understand that it is not safe for anyone to give out a home address especially over the internet. Also please keep in mind that there are all sorts of people lurking on the internet pretending they are something they are not. You could be a 8 year old child, you could be J.k.Rowling , or a 50 year old man. just keep its safe please and don’t get upset if the author wont give you her home address she has loved ones to keep safe.

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