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A Final Farewell

Sorry for the overly-dramatic title, (couldn’t help myself) but I’ve been working on some stuff all week, and I’m finally ready to, well, say goodbye, I suppose. I am hanging up my pen. This decision hasn’t come lightly, but a choice had to be made, and while I am upset, I know it’s necessary.

For well over seven years, I’ve had the most amazing, life-changing opportunity, mostly thanks to the complete strangers who read my books. I started publishing the little stories I make up because I needed to do something for my family, and it grew into so much more than that. This is the longest I’ve committed to pretty much anything; this was the one thing that was harder to give up than to keep. However, nothing remains the same, and now my family needs different things from me. I had a great run of following my dreams, but stepping back from this is what’s best for my family right now – it’s time to take care of home and health instead.

I’ve thought a lot on how to go about this. I considered unpublishing my work, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too final for a decision that didn’t come easy! Instead, I’ve decided to set every story of mine for free (which takes time, so do not pay for any of them if you see a price). Going forward, I’ll try to work on the Harbinger stuff and release that for free, too, when the time comes. I don’t currently have a time-frame on that. I might also post the rest of my stuff to Wattpad – cold turkey’s hard and all that.

As for my social media accounts, I’d already pretty much taken a step back from all of them anyway (and my email’s still blocked). I’m not going to close any accounts right now, but that may change, and even if I do use them again, it will probably be in a more personal way, so you might want to unfollow/unfriend anyway. I have a couple of months to decide what to do with this blog, but I am leaning towards shutting it down.

I hope to write again, maybe post to Wattpad, maybe even properly publish again, but if I don’t, then I’ll still have this experience and the readers who took the time to reach out to me over the years to remember. I am beyond grateful to all of you. I’ve never been a people person, so that aspect (you know, actually communicating with humans) was always the hardest for me over the years, but I’ve had incredibly few negative experiences in that time, so thank you for that, too.

The future is unclear. I can’t see past this weekend (which will for sure be spent flaking out on my bed with my kids, playing games and blasting GOT7 songs loud enough to make their poor Dad weep), but life changes so rapidly that I’m still going to hope this farewell isn’t really so final.

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  1. Sarah Souders Sarah Souders

    OH. MY. GOSH! I’ve caught the Phoeva, and now it’s broken! It’s has truly been a blast riding these literary roller coasters with you. I hope you don’t shut down your Wattpad. This way, if something niggles and has to be written, you can keep coming back. I was hoping for some kind of conclusion to Peter, Ava, and Phoenix. Perhaps someday, or I’ll just have to write a fanfic myself and hope it lives up to your work.
    Take care, dear favorite. Treasured memories to you and yours.

  2. Rosa Rosa

    You will truly be missed , my sister introduced me to Ava so long ago and I fell in love with your work so sad to see you go but I will be on the lookout on wattpad

  3. Lori Yacko Lori Yacko

    Every time I read one of your stories, I feel like I’m visiting with old friends, catching up on their lives. So, as a reader of your work, this is obviously hard to hear, but as a mom, well…I get it. I hope this decision ultimately brings you peace and the time you need to devote to your family. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  4. Mac Wheeler Mac Wheeler

    we’ll miss ya

  5. Miriam Sanchez Miriam Sanchez

    Claire, as I began reading this post I thought there must be a catch somewhere, surely this can’t be the end. As I continued on, I realized this was actually happening..

    Whether this is truly goodbye or simply see you later, you should know that the amazing stories you have created will stay with me forever. Your characters and the worlds you have built will forever be in my heart. You are so amazing, and your stories will be missed immensely! As a mother and writer I respect your decision as well as support it. I wish you the best and hope to hear from you again in future.

    • Michelle Michelle

      Your amazing gift has touched me deeply over the past few years, it has been a comforting friend when my mind needed escape, a boost of courage when frightened and a little bit of hope when things seemed dark. Hope this farewell is not permanent and wishes for you to enjoy family and life during this time.

  6. Claire, you books have bought much joy to reading again. I send best wishes and blessings your way in all you do!!! I don’t want you shut down your social media, I enjoy reading your post. Nor unpublish your books, I’m still catching up 😄 you are an amazing woman, mom and writer… Keep your head up and yes, great accomplishments indeed with your work…I know no matter what endeavor you embark on you will succeed. Best wishes, Dawn Piercy

  7. Christine Rice Christine Rice

    Claire, I hope this next part of your journey is amazing. Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment your stories have given me. I wish you all the best!

  8. Jean Wells Jean Wells

    OMG No No… I am a huge fan and will truly miss your writing. Hope you and your family do well. I as along with others Im sure many will miss you. Take care…
    You fan Jeanann

  9. Kelly Byrt Kelly Byrt

    Im so sorry to see u go but understand hope things get better. Thanks again for the wonderful books you have wrote i love them all and will miss them. Good lucky in the future. God bless you.

  10. Jan Kewish Jan Kewish

    It’s sad that you’re not continuing, I couldn’t wait for the last Ava Delaneye book but now I’ll have too. Thank you for all the joy you have given us over the years, as you can tell Ava was my favourite of them all. Don’t stay away too long we’ll all have withdrawal symptoms

  11. Lorraine Jones Lorraine Jones

    I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your stories Claire, you will be sorely missed. I loved hearing about the fae and all your characters and will really miss Ava and the gang. But in all seriousness you and your family must come first, children grow up so quickly and you don’t want to miss a thing by being too busy writing.
    I wish you a happy, healthy and brilliant future and perhaps we shall all hear from you again one day…..I shall look forward to it.
    Take care of yourself and good luck in all you do xxxx

  12. Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

    I don’t know what to say right now, so just… thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

  13. Natashia Rittenhouse Natashia Rittenhouse

    I just finished both of Ava’s series and I’m so sad to see you go!! I’m so hooked and want more. What happens with Phoenix? Lorcan and Lucia?? Peter and Emmett? Anka and Dita? Val and Leah? Hopefully you will come back and eventually answer all these questions. Thank you so much for the amazing, wonderful stories that you write!! As a mother, I understand the need to step back. Thank you again for sharing your brilliant work!! I’m off to read the Chaos novels!!

  14. Sasha Sasha

    I’ve been hooked on your books for a few years now so it’s definitely heartbreaking to hear this. I can’t complain your stories brought me so much joy. Enjoy your time with your family. They’ll only be young for so long before they leave the nest. Besides you can always write if you get the urge, but without deadlines or added pressure. It can be for yourself. Thanks for sharing your work with us all these years. I’ll guess I’ll just keep checking wattpad regularly instead of your blog now. 😭😭

  15. hi Claire,
    Have only came across your books this week.
    I don’t know you from Adam as my late father would have said.
    But, what a parting gift (your body of work) to have left I thank you
    & wish you the best for the start of the rest of your life.

  16. F F

    Hi Claire, I had just had to comment and say thankyou! You are an amazing author and during a horrible, painful few years I had, I spent many hours escaping in cara and avas worlds. That you could do that for me and many others is a beautiful gift. I completely understand that family comes first but I hope you write again in the future.

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