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No, November, No.

I am currently locked out of my email (I’ll spare you my feelings on that), so if you have been trying to contact me recently, please use instead. Ta, muchly.

So. Remember earlier this year when my little fella went and ruptured his appendix? Yeah, well, his twin decided to try to copy him this month. Thanks to the first fiasco, I was on hyper-alert, and even though he wasn’t really showing signs of anything, I had a gut feeling, so we ended up at the hospital – where they were very unsure but decided to just take the appendix anyway – and had surgery that same night. And then everyone seemed freaked because he was so close to a rupture. One of the nurses said he must have a high pain threshold, and I was like, um, yeah, I’ve been telling everyone who walks in how he doesn’t complain about pain. Thankfully, he didn’t need a draining tube like his twin, so he didn’t have to spend as much time in hospital. Have to keep a close eye on him though because he’s super independent and likes to do everything for himself even if it hurts.

Oh, and while he was waiting to be admitted, we got a call from the school to say my youngest had taken a fall, and they might have to bring her over to the doctor. They ended up bringing three of my kids to us in the hospital where my youngest starting getting dizzy and having blurred vision (and she had an epic cut on her forehead that kept bleeding), so we ended up having to split up in the hospital to have two kids examined. And to top that off, I started throwing up in the hospital bathroom, so I might as well fund a clown school because that day was all-round ridiculous. My eldest came home from school having missed everything, heard the story, and was convinced we were making it up. 😀

Anyway, both twins are now appendix-free, and I’d really like to never go through this again if that’s okay, universe!

Even before all of this happened, I’d forgotten about NaNoWriMo this year, so I don’t know if I can catch up now, but it would suck to miss it. I’ve no idea what to even start on though. I haven’t been getting much of any other work done, and I don’t even care. I’m so beyond done this month. So I’m going to flake out with the kids and hope we can make it through a board game without anyone losing their minds. Wish me luck. 🙂

Edit: Nope, not even one game. *Insert eye-roll here*



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  1. I’ve had such an epically annoying November, I’m just going to attempt NaNoWriMo in DECEMBER. Hang in there, lady!

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Ha, maybe I’ll join you then. Roll on next year. 🙂

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