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Happy Halloween & Harbinger News

We’re all on our holidays this week, so we’re going to spend the day binging the rest of Stranger Things and the usual Halloween-y films we watch every year. Just realising now we’re going to be seeing a lot of Winona Ryder’s face today.

This month, we’ve had a couple of birthdays, an anniversary, and even a wee hurricane. We lost a tree, a trampoline, a fence, a slate or two, and some power, but we gained a couple of days off school/work.

And I made a decision on Sleepwalker. Beta reading didn’t throw up any kind of general consensus (which was pretty amazing – there’s usually something most people can agree on), so I went with my gut, made some changes, and I feel satisfied right now. (That will change in two minutes; I should hurry).

So… Sleepwalker is available now at 99c for a limited time. If it’s not at your usual store by tonight, it will be soon. It’s the first in a trilogy, but the other instalments likely won’t see a release until 2018.

If you helped me with beta reading (thanks!), and you want to read the updated version, then please contact me preferably by email – if not, Facebook – and let me know what file format you would like to receive. I won’t be able to reply tonight/tomorrow morning though.

(Truly terrible) blurb below:

Margo’s got a secret—she just doesn’t understand what it is. But if she doesn’t figure things out soon, she could jeopardise her family’s fresh start.

Dorian’s a weak wolf in a dominant pack, and if he doesn’t find a way to be noticed, he could be separated from his beloved guardians to make room for a younger shifter once he turns eighteen.

Two teenagers are running out of time when a string of murders drags them into danger. If they team up, they might find the murderer—unless he finds them first.


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  1. Sasha Sasha

    This is great I finally got time to finish magic thief. I been so busy with school it was nice to read something entertaining. I need to start putting away time for books that I actually want to read. I’m tempted to start this now but I have a 3 paper due on Saturday ??

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      That sucks, but school will be worth it in the end, right? I hope you find some time to enjoy your weekend though. 🙂

  2. Mary Mary

    I just finished this book and came to the website to see when the next was being released. I saw that u have decided to stop writing. I hope in the future that u continue writing and finish this series. I’m dying to know what happens next. I started reading your books with the chaos series and fell in love with your writing. My 10 yr old daughter is reading the chaos series right now. She also loves your work.

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