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Happy Halloween & Harbinger News

We’re all on our holidays this week, so we’re going to spend the day binging the rest of Stranger Things and the usual Halloween-y films we watch every year. Just realising now we’re going to be seeing a lot of Winona Ryder’s face today.

This month, we’ve had a couple of birthdays, an anniversary, and even a wee hurricane. We lost a tree, a trampoline, a fence, a slate or two, and some power, but we gained a couple of days off school/work.

And I made a decision on Sleepwalker. Beta reading didn’t throw up any kind of general consensus (which was pretty amazing – there’s usually something most people can agree on), so I went with my gut, made some changes, and I feel satisfied right now. (That will change in two minutes; I should hurry).

So… Sleepwalker is available now at 99c for a limited time. If it’s not at your usual store by tonight, it will be soon. It’s the first in a trilogy, but the other instalments likely won’t see a release until 2018.

If you helped me with beta reading (thanks!), and you want to read the updated version, then please contact me preferably by email – if not, Facebook – and let me know what file format you would like to receive. I won’t be able to reply tonight/tomorrow morning though.

(Truly terrible) blurb below:

Margo’s got a secret—she just doesn’t understand what it is. But if she doesn’t figure things out soon, she could jeopardise her family’s fresh start.

Dorian’s a weak wolf in a dominant pack, and if he doesn’t find a way to be noticed, he could be separated from his beloved guardians to make room for a younger shifter once he turns eighteen.

Two teenagers are running out of time when a string of murders drags them into danger. If they team up, they might find the murderer—unless he finds them first.


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  1. Sasha Sasha

    This is great I finally got time to finish magic thief. I been so busy with school it was nice to read something entertaining. I need to start putting away time for books that I actually want to read. I’m tempted to start this now but I have a 3 paper due on Saturday 😪😭

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      That sucks, but school will be worth it in the end, right? I hope you find some time to enjoy your weekend though. 🙂

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