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October 2017

I missed September’s post. Not much to report anyway. I will be sending out a free novella in the newsletter within the next week, so if you’re interested in that, make sure you’re subscribed. This one is Magic Thief, and it’s in Ari’s POV. It’s set around the same time as Crossroads, and they share a couple of connections.

I had planned on Ember’s story, Faery Dust, after Magic Thief, but I’m going to either scrap it or put it off. Timeline no longer fits. It’s a shame because I heart Ember & Finn’s family.

I’m still working on the Harbinger trilogy. I’ll have to make a decision on that soon, but I’ve no news right now.

Keeping this short because it’s getting pretty chilly in here. (Not complaining because I totally heart October, too).

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  1. Miriam Sanchez Miriam Sanchez

    I actually just read Crossroads last week. I was so upset with myself because I had no idea it had already come out. I don’t remember seeing a post about it being done on the blog. Of course I loved it! It was definitely the novella I was waiting for as I was so anxious to see what would happen to Ava and Phoenix after the events in “Secret Self”.

    I left my review on Amazon and pushed it into people’s faces on Facebook…lol. The only good thing about reading “Crossroads” so late is that now “Magic Thief” is coming out and I don’t have to wait so long for more of Ava and the gang!

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Thanks, Miriam. I’m so glad you enjoyed it – I had a lot of fun writing that one.

      And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the familiar faces in Magic Thief might not be quite what you expect. Ava makes only a brief appearance this time. But it does set up the next book/couple of books, so I can finally start moving on with those.

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