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July 2017

So I might be a little bit stressed out right now. Small, tiny, wee bit more than usual. Maybe? Perhaps.

Work stuff defo contributed. For those who have been asking for a million years, (sorry!) some more of my stuff is now available in paperback. I do not like them, but they’re there. Six individual books in the Chaos series, and then one giant monstrosity bundle for the three Lost Souls books. It was not a fun experience, but here’s hoping I learned something for next time 😀

For the audiobook lovers, I continue to feel sorry. Irish writers were recently allowed to dabble in the audiobook production thing, but from what I can gather, there’s a serious lack of Irish accents. I know I’m picky, but just no. It’s not worth it right now.

I did get my Evans Pack series bible done though! That wasn’t fun either, but the fact that it’s over for now puts a bit of a rosy glow on the whole thing (until I remember I still have to finish Ava’s, and that’s going to be much harder). I made a bunch of notes for Harbinger, and I did a pass on Sleepwalker with the changes, and I’m starting to feel a little less like it’s the worst thing I’ve ever read. But only slightly. 😀

In non-work stuff, I took my eldest out of school before the end of term because I was sick to death of him being bullied, like, every day for fucking years. He’s an easy target because of his particular needs, and I’m less than impressed with the way it’s been handled. I’m rolling up my sleeves, (highly recommend not getting me to this point) but that’s a tale for another day. In the meantime, he’s had a break away from the torment, and his smile is back. I missed his smile. And the singing to himself when he thinks nobody’s listening. You can almost see the weight lifting off his shoulders. He’s going to officially turn into a teenager very soon (although he’s the only child of mine who doesn’t act like they’re already one), so I’m highly motivated to make sure he can say goodbye to the bullshit for good.

As for everything else? My eldest dog is going senile, the car is being… problematic, the gas for the cooker just ran out (so dinner will be… erm…), the heating oil is no more, my laptop battery needs to be replaced, and after a delivery was missing an item, the company needs ID, a written report, info on the safety of my location, the name of my first crush, the colour of my underwear, and probably what’s left of my soul before they’ll even let me get past an automated response.

So, yeah, maybe there’s a little stress happening up in here. 😀

On the plus side, the real world stress makes it easier to retreat into fake world stress, so Firestarter, here I come. Have a better week than me!

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  1. Sasha Sasha

    Sorry to hear your son was getting bullied. It’s great that he’s actually happy now. My 8 nephew gets bullied at school but unfortunately he doesn’t have parents that do much for him. Unless of course when his mom likes to pretend like she’s active parents on social media. I’m not going to get to deep in how much they fail him cause I could literally go all day. But it’s heartbreaking when kids are so miserable because of bs that goes on at school. Then they have to deal with the stresses of schoolwork/homework, chores & their hormones. Schools do nothing to help so parents have to fight for them.

    Do you plan on releasing the Evans Pack bible for those like me who have read the series yrs ago??? Or am I just going to have to re-read the books for a refresher??? ?
    Fine I’ll just read them all again I’m in a book slump so might as well read books I already know are good.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Yeah, it sucks. They have enough on their plates without that dread of going to school every day. I hope things get better for your nephew.

      No, sorry, it’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t make much sense to anyone other than me, I’m afraid! Maybe I should do some kind of blog post with a refresher of sorts?

      • Sasha Sasha

        Thanks for the kind words regarding my nephew.

        I already started to read the series all over again but I think doing a refresher blog is a great idea!!! Just list it as a spoiler for those who haven’t read it yet, like your new readers.

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