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February 2017

There’s a drug awareness programme running in my kid’s class (for what seems like ever), which led to my kid thinking I have a life-threatening coffee addiction, which led to me giving up coffee, which led to me being tired, which led to this blog post having a 5% chance of being coherent.

Still a better chance than Donald Trump.

Yeah, it’s no fun when it’s that easy. Anyway, this month’s update isn’t exactly full of splendorous news. I did finish a final edit of Secret Self, which means I just have to find it a cover and a proof-read, and then it’ll be sent out as a freebie in the next newsletter. Hopefully sooner rather than later. (In semi-related news, the first Ava bundle is 99c for the rest of the month). I’d love to write for the rest of February, but I should probably start editing something because the written but unedited pile is starting to resemble a mountain. Thinking about it kind of stresses me out, so I should probably stop, um, adding to it. 🙂

Oh, man, I started counting manuscripts. *Hyperventilates* So I’m kind of glad I’m taking this weekend off. It’s a birthday weekend in our house, which I love because chocolate. But also, it’s an excuse to spoil the little suckers, and I love that, too. My coffee-hating kid is even allowing me one precious coffee tomorrow. So generous. 😀

The gang are supposed to be doing chores right now (prime bickering time), but I haven’t heard an argument in a really long time which is unusual, so I should probably check on… No, wait, there they go. And now a dog is barking. And a bunny is thumping. My bat signal has been well and truly fired. Time to go. 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Fiona Fiona

    I just wanted to say I loved the Chaos books & I really Loved your Ava books. So much I ordered them on paper back on Amazon for my sis in law in America. I hope she loves them as much as I do.
    I love that they’re set in Dublin because I’m in Sligo but from Dublin originally. It’s funny but in the lost souls book I felt like I had lived in the ‘cul de sac’ they lived in. ?but seriously I have this image of a real small cul de sac I once lived in years ago every time I read one of Ava’s stories! It gives me a nice nostalgic feeling!
    Anyway I just finished Bad Blood the 2nd part. Keep me comin! Loved that too. I hope your family are all well. My daughters have inherited my grá for reading obviously not yours yet (they’re 6 & 7 years old) but they do love fairies & dragons & i made up a girl warrior story for them.
    Anyway Thankyou for your books. I love them.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Thanks, Fiona. I no longer live in Dublin either, so writing Ava’s books holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me, too.

      Good to hear your little ones have the reading bug – I’ve always been partial to fairies and dragons and girl warriors myself. 😀 My own lot are big readers – them sneakily staying up too late to read is becoming a problem!

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