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January 2017

I swear on my love of all things peanut butter, I am so disappointed in people right now. I wouldn’t normally post an update while I’m feeling this grumpy, but it’s the end of the month already, and the internet is still a bloody minefield. In fairness, even my kids are acting like it’s international arsehole month, so you’d think I’d be used to it. 😀

In better news, words have been a-flowing all month. (Probably because I’m biting my tongue on so many things right now – has to come out somewhere. I’ve also been having this unsettling experience of real life imitating unpublished books, so I’ve been spending some time trying to make that… less so). I ended up finishing that entirely unplanned dystopian-gothic story that I started while the little fella was in hospital. (He’s back in school now – having thoroughly milked the sympathy vote – with only a little scar tissue pain left). Writing for fun helped me remember how much I love to write. Discovery writing is Best. Even thinking of it now gives me all the feels. *Getting tougher to feel grumpy* 😛

Then, (partly because himself kept challenging me to keep the writing streak going using the trusted geeky carrot on a stick method) I started an Ava story. I’ve been working on this forevah, but I’ve been putting off actually writing the thing because I didn’t know how to start it. The shorter stories that are coming out (you know, some day), like Secret Self, Crossroads, and Magic Thief, really feed in to the why of Ava’s next chapter, and I kind of regret that because I have to briefly cover those storylines for people who won’t read them without being repetitive for those who will, and details are hard, m’kay? 😀

Also, Ava’s arc looks like it will span two or three books, so I’m still not sure whether to just call them Lost Souls books (which kind of goes against the point of Lost Souls) or use them as a new trilogy with another character’s POV alongside Ava’s (which might be off-putting to anyone whose sole interest is Ava). Aaaand… endless indecisiveness might be why I get nothing done. 😉

Anyway, I was half-way through the story and realised I was writing the worst, messiest, most out of control first draft of all time (I just kept losing track of the details), so took a step back to reset and ended up writing the ending then various scattered scenes (I never do this!), and it was magical how quickly my brain fixed itself and remembered what the hell it was supposed to be doing. I should finish up this week, then it’ll go to the end of the editing queue where it’ll remain for far too long while I overedit everything else. Yeah, there’s a good reason why this is no longer my full-time job. 😛

And while I had fun writing again this month, my kids hate me (okay, only when I say I’m going to try write for a bit), the animals are even nuttier than usual, my house is a comically epic disaster, my hands hurt, and I have piles upon piles of editing on my desk begging to be touched. So next month has to get back to normal. Which is starting to sound… not bad, all things considered. May February be extra shiny to make up for all of the madness. O_O

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  1. I like all the characters in the Ave series, so anything you write is good enough for me, 🙂

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