Spoke Too Soon

I’m gonna have to stop saying next year *has* to be better because that’s just inviting the universe to screw with me. This month has been, um, eventful so far.

The weekend before school began, we discovered one of my kids had gone and ruptured his appendix. It was pretty bad. Long story short, he came home on Friday evening, and he’s almost out of the risky stage, but it was scary for a while there. He’s recovered well considering everything that happened (because he’s a feckin’ superhero), and I’m mostly concerned with fattening him up because he looks a bit skeletal right now. 🙂

I apologise for not replying to messages and stuff, but I couldn’t deal with anything outside of our little family for a bit there. If I haven’t gotten back to you by now, feel free to send me a reminder.

This month’s plans are just… I don’t even remember the plan. I did nothing, my head’s still all over the place, and I couldn’t give a shit. 🙂 I have piles of editing on my desk that I am currently avoiding. I started writing a dystopian story to keep my mind off things – probably says something about my state of mind this month! – but I probably won’t get much of anything done until the little fella is back at school. He’s currently sprawled in my bed, trying to distract me by making me laugh, so we’re almost completely back to normal around here. 😀

12 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon

  1. I’m glad to hear little dude is on the mend and feeling better!

    Positive thought for you, you haven’t missed a monthly newsletter for over a year now! So that is something to be proud of! Keeping us fans entertained and updated of your life and book progression! Some authors I read, last post on their blog/website/Facebook was several years ago saying that their next book will be out in a month. Five years later still waiting! (Okay the one I’m currently thinking of has only been 3 years since the update but that was after the publish date being already pushed back.) I don’t care that books get pushed back or not released (I understand life), it’s the not knowing where to find the book because you think it has been released because of what was said. So after days of searching, you finally give up looking, that is until a few months later you remember you were waiting for it to be released then you start looking again. I hate surfing the net wasting my time like that. Point is Claire, even though you haven’t “published”, you really have with your blog. I think that is something commendable. You care enough about your fans that you keep us entertained and updated every month!

  2. Sorry to hear one of your little ones has been ill, however, I am glad to hear he is recovering well. Hope he gets back to 100% soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

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