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December 2016

I thought I’d do my December update now because I’ll probably forget I’ll end up with an annual update in a few weeks anyway.

2016 December has not been a fun time so far. Lots of sick days from school carried over from November. One of my babies was so ill that I was afraid we’d end up spending Xmas in hospital (I’m a panicker), but everything seems to be back to normal now, so we have to hurry up and finish getting presents organised. *Invites all the stress around for tea* We haven’t even put up the tree yet. I’m a grinch not exactly a Xmas person – although I’m good with an excuse to spoil the wee shitheads – and if it was left up to me, there would never be a tree or decorations.

But, yeah, all five young ‘uns are back in school today, so fingers crossed we don’t get a phone call to pick one up early. And not only because I’ll finally be able to play music I want to listen to instead of endless requests from the (not so) smallies. 😀

Weirdly, despite everything, I’ve been sticking to my little work schedule. All of those sleepless nights came in handy. 🙂 I just finished a run-through of Crossroads this morning. Still liking it. Secret Self isn’t working for me as well (which delays Crossroads). I kind of wish I had another POV to balance it out, but I’ll work it out eventually.

That little story I was working on for fun last month has taken over my life, on the other hand. I’m super into it right now, but my brain keeps deciding that 4am is the best time to let me know every imaginable back story and possible scene – no matter how weird. Whatever, words are good even when they’re bad. I’m about 60k in of the rewrite (I drastically changed the plot and needed to go back to go forward – it makes sense, I swear), but I feel like I’m nowhere near the end. I’ll be so mad at myself if I don’t finish this thing though!

Himself is off on a mission to caffeinate me (and he already made today’s dinner, the precious little superstar) so I have no excuses today. MOAR words for me. Have a great week!


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  1. Maria Wright Maria Wright

    Yay for caffeine, dinner made and healthy kiddos! I would say good luck with writing/editing but I think you are so spectacular that you don’t really need it. 😀

    BTW I’m with you with the Xmas tree and decorations. But I actually put one up this year for the baby. Happy Christmas & New Year!

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Yup – more of all three, please.

      The things we do for the babies. 🙂 Happy Christmas!

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