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August 2016 (Also Known As No Good News)



Due to personal reasons, August has been the worst month of all time less than perfect. This last week has been a million times better, so it’s for the best if we pretend the rest of the month never happened. 🙂


To the actual bad news update then. I intended to publish the first Harbinger novel around Halloween, but that won’t happen this year. I’m just not in a position to fund a series right now. I’m still trying to work on a solution, but if I can’t figure things out, I’ll put it on my blog or Wattpad or something. Not the greatest outcome (those of you who have read my unfinished work can already testify to that!), but I’m stuck in a Catch-22 situation right now. I’m an emotional wreck a little upset. I haven’t published a novel since December, and I don’t know when I will again. In the meantime, I’m going to keep writing and editing in my spare time, and I’m hoping to release a novella next month (free copy with the next newsletter), but I should probably stop trying to predict these things. 🙂

All jokes aside, I am sorry if you were waiting on the series and are disappointed, and no hard feelings if you don’t want to wait on me again. I completely understand.

By the way, this is the cover I originally ordered for Harbinger last year, but it doesn’t work for the series.


That’s it for book-related stuff. Everything else is an epic waffle because I haven’t had much adult conversation this summer. You have been warned. 🙂

The kids are back to school tomorrow (and dreading it). The giddy one has been sick (and eerily quiet) but seems to have gotten better juuuust in time for school (ha). They’ve basically spent the summer playing Minecraft or pretending they were pokemon (all while making a good effort at sounding like at least two dozen kids). Except my eldest, who has spent his time off in a dressing gown (that I’m going to dump as soon as he goes to school) whilst avoiding the rest of mankind. (Definitely my child). The smallest of the smallies is excited to see her BFF again. She’s been telling me the tale of how they first met. It’s full of drama, hyperbole and heroic rescues from bullies. (Also definitely my child).

I managed to get an afternoon away this month to see Suicide Squad. (I know. The cinema twice in one year. Slow your roll, Claire). I was fairly disappointed, but I had overly high expectations going in. I thought it was… a mess (in the same way as a lot of recent films). No structure, no substance, no story. I love me some flashiness, but there has to be more than that. It was just a bit sad to see the wasted potential.

I also jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon. It was on point in terms of everything the above was missing. (And the eighties are the bestest). I wasn’t going to watch it because people kept comparing it to Stephen King novels, so I thought I’d hate it, but himself watched it and was all, Claire, watch it. It’s your kind of thing. So I watched it for a few minutes, and it was definitely my kind of thing, so I stayed up all night to finish the season. Whoops!

And not to make it sound like I spend every waking hour staring at a screen of some kind (even if that’s mostly true), but I finally finally finally watched Ash vs Evil Dead. Yaas. Army of Darkness is one of my favourite films of ALL-TIME (I just spent way way too long trying to think of what would make it into my top five), so I’ve been dying to see the series. I was not disappointed. (And I might have stayed up all night to finish that, too).

Unrelated to everything else, I got impatient waiting for the pink to fade in my hair, so I mixed (like, five) leftover dyes together and slapped it on. My bath looked like I’d sacrificed a unicorn. It was glorious. 😀

If you made it this far, congratulations. You’re mental extremely well-mannered. 😛 I have to go build myself up to start dealing with boring tax stuff early instead of leaving it to the last minute and stressing out in a panic this year, so I’ll let you go…

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  1. Gary Gary

    Sunmers can be hard, we all remember as children that it seemed a year long. That was a parent perception too perhaps rubbing off. Kids eat our time as well as lunch and dinner, and snacks of course. You were spot on about Suicide Squad, wasted potential. The director failed in editing and story line. It could have been great. Stranger Things was spectacular and deserves binging. Creation needs space, from distraction. You sound like you’re being too hard on yourself. You have no space and are giving a lot.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Yeah, it definitely should have been amazing. So frustrating that it was such a letdown. Bizarre, really, given everything they had to work with.

      I’m still barely clinging on to hope for Wonder Woman and Justice League though. 🙂

  2. Sasha Sasha

    Summers move along too quickly for me but I don’t have kids just a nephew. He’s pretty quite though playing his ps4 from when he wakes until his bedtime. It’s pretty sad we have to force to take breaks just so he’ll eat.

    Dc comics sucks especially their movies. So it’s no wonder with all the hype it wouldn’t live up to even half of it.

    I think you should release it on your blog here to gain more traffic and on wattpad to attract new readers. It sucks that it’s not being released like originally planned but I’ll still be here when you are able to get something out.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Thanks, Sasha.

      I send mine outside to play because they’ve been playing Minecraft so much, so they pretend to play Minecraft outside. 😀

      And I still haven’t given up on the series, to be honest. I hate the thought of it being… unfinished when people read it. Feels like giving up. But we’ll see what happens. I’m still trying to work a few things out.

  3. Maria Wright Maria Wright

    Family & life should always come first so don’t feel bad about your fans being disappointed. Take the time to be happy with you, your family and your work. Things will work out and your fans will be happy with the end result.

    To me the summer seems to have flown by with one day blurring into the next and not believing it is already September.

    I too have had little adult conversations, and am always up (most likely literally) for conversations if you ever have the desperate need to converse with someone born in the early ’80s. 🙂

    Is it bad that I don’t know what Minecraft is?

    I want to know how your cooking has been going, still making & learning new things?

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Yes, but without work, there is no life to be had. 😀

      So little happens that I have very little to converse about anyway! That was a month of activity in that there blog post. 😛

      Minecraft is a hard game to explain. It’s like pixelated Lego, and kids everywhere are hooked on playing it and watching videos of other people playing it. (Adults play it, too). It’s also the one thing all five of my kids agree on yet is the source of 95% of all arguments between them. They build stuff and destroy stuff mostly.

      Cooking has been more of the same. Every single meal I suggest is greeted with “We just had that!” I’ll do something right and get cocky and try it again and fail miserably. And if *I* like something, everybody else will hate it. I tried to make muffins. That was a terrible, terrible mistake. 😀 I did finally make flapjacks that the kids liked (I tried a lot of recipes because I wanted something new for their school lunchboxes – you’d be surprised how many ways there are to screw up something so simple), but it required the use of a LOT of raw honey, so that won’t be a regular occurrence!

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