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April 2016

Confession time: whenever I start a new blog post, I think ‘Howdy, y’all’ in Sandy’s voice.

I stayed up last night until 3am to watch Game of Thrones, I just dropped half a pizza on the bottom of a hot oven (and all five kids are staaaaaaaarvin’), I messed up our Census forms, and I haven’t even started working yet today (it’s almost 6pm already), so that tells you everything you need to know about how things are going. 😀

Since my last post, our circumstances have changed, and we’re doing a pretty piss-poor job of adjusting. I suddenly have to be the grown-up (I hate adulting) responsible for meals, and I’m so not good with food – which is why I’m not usually in charge of cooking. (I’m comically bad, really, but the poor kids aren’t laughing). Writing has been pretty poo, but as I’m still trying to figure out our new schedules, I’m just happy I’ve been getting (any) editing done. (Except this Friday ’cause all seven of us are venturing out to the cinema – I’m actually leaving the house!)

So far this month, I’ve done some light editing on Relativity (twins), Bad Blood (VBI), and Secret Self (VBI). This week, I’ve to start on Crossroads (Phoenix). I’m so glad I had to stockpile these books because it’s just helped me make the links stronger. I can’t afford editing right now, and I’m still on the hunt for a cover artist for a bunch of stories, so I don’t have any release dates handy yet. All I know is that Relativity will be first, and I’ll send out a free coupon code for it in the next newsletter.

I’d hoped to get both first drafts of Wings (new nickname for the fun hot mess) #2 and #3 written this month, but I’ll be lucky to finish #2 at the rate I’m going (snail pace is way ahead of me). In May, I’m back to working on the new Cursed books, so Wings will have to wait a while. Oh, well.

It’s now about half-nine, and all of my kids are (miraculously) in bed, so I should get cracking on with some editing before I get distracted (oh, so easily) again. Have a great week!


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  1. No wise words to offer…just…ohmaigosh. I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. Seriously. Hang in there and keep on keepin’ on!

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      That’s all we can do. Beats the alternative! 🙂

  2. Sasha Sasha

    I’m in desperate need of a new book from you. Just don’t drive yourself crazy trying to do it all while taking care of a family.

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Heh, I’m trying not to! I’ll get used to things eventually. 😀

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