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Month: January 2015


I’ve had like seventeen cups of coffee and eaten the entire contents of my fridge today, so a blog post seems like the next logical procrastination method. Until last week, there had been at least one kid home from school for over a month, and I’m obviously so trained for distractions that I’m providing them for myself now.

Aside from sick kids (and a medicated dog), we’ve been all Animal Kingdom up in here. Every time I go outside to call one of my dogs back in, somebody else’s dog and/or cat shows up first. (One particular dog likes to sneak up on me in the dark. We call him Brown Dog because my kids are about as original as I am when it comes to naming things. We call the three-legged cat Dubh, fyi). So then I have to make sure other people’s dogs don’t eat other people’s cats. And wild birds (the fact that they’re looking a bit fat this year has nothing to do with me) keep getting into our kitchen when the door is open for longer than five seconds. The nutters get into the car sometimes, too. It’s getting a bit weird. But as you can see, I truly live the rock star lifestyle.

Anyway, work crap: I’ve ditched everything else to work on finishing up Break You, otherwise known as the Unfinishable Nightmare Book. I thought Clarity was tough going. Holy shit, I was sooooo wrong. I’m mortified by how long it has taken me to get this sucker done (the reasons why have been a combination of wanting to write other things and getting too emotionally involved and therefore not wanting to write the “tough” scenes – I’m a wuss, in other words). I could have written ten novels in the time I’ve wasted staring at this bloody manuscript. And it’s still not done! Even today, I’ve been poking at scenes with a stick. I’m at the point where I’m not completely sure that any of it makes sense. But that might be the seventeen cups of coffee speaking. I am looking forward to seeing the first draft of the cover though! Should be soon. 🙂

I still don’t know if I should concentrate on finishing up the Chaos series or if I should release an Ava book in between those final two books. Opinions appreciated, as always. I probably shouldn’t have released the first Ava book earlier than planned, but I couldn’t resist. When Chaos is done, I’ll probably stick to Ava’s world for a while. Dividing my attention can be a little hit and miss. It’s good for me to switch it up to keep the oul brain refreshed, but I spend too much time rereading previous books to get my brain back in check when I switch series. Because I’m ancient and can’t retain information any more. One of the twins keeps reminding me how old I am, wondering aloud why I don’t need a walking stick, and warning me that he won’t want to give me snuggles when I have a wrinkly old gross face. Apparently, he’s going to bring me everywhere with him when he grows up as long as I don’t let my hair go grey or white or old. What a charmer. Just like his dad. 😛

And my lab-cross literally just leapt up onto my lap (and half-killed me, the big oaf) because she got a fright, so now I have to go calm her down. And help with homework. And possibly (probably?) lose my mind. Have a good week!



Do You Want The Bad News Or, Um…

I’ve been singing Paloma Faith’s song Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? in my head all day. So do you want the bad news or the worse news? 😀

In somewhat okay news, the kids went back to school today. (I really need to update my bio because all five kids are too old to be called toddlers – even if they still act like it on occasion). You know they’ve been home too long when my desk organiser thingy is full of Crayola instead of pens and the surface of my desk is covered in Loom bands, Play Doh, half-read fairy princess/horrible science books, and indistinguishable sticky stains. I should take before and after photos. But that would mean finding my phone, and that sucker’s been missing since before Xmas. I should be writing (oh, those famous words), but I need to post some kind of update. And blog posts are words, too, m’kay?

For all of us EU readers, ebook pricing is changing because of VAT. We used to pay VAT based on the retailer’s location, and now we pay depending on our own. In some cases, this is a noticeable hike. (Just… ugh). Every retailer appears to be dealing with this differently, so pricing is going to get muddled for a time. I’ve been pretty… worn out with self-publishing for a while now, and this isn’t helping with the happy happy joy joy. Never mind. I’m sure Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is on sale somewhere.

Your perspective will tell you if that was the bad news or worse news. 😀 I hate saying this, but I’ve had to cancel this month’s editing (Chaos series) which means that the whole publishing schedule will once again fly off track. I just need my editing fund for other things right now. Can’t be helped. Technically, I could publish Blight next month and be done with it, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t wait for editing. I do not like disappointing people, but if I went ahead and published it without making it as good as I possibly can, then it’d be a worse kind of disappointment, and I’d have stress dreams about it, and I desperately need some sleep. 🙂

My next editing slot is now in March, which sounds really far away. But I’ll try to get another inbetweener story set in Ava’s world (well, hello there, Phoenix) finished between Break You and Blight. I’m not making any promises though, because to be completely honest, I can’t remember the last time I read a book, and all my imagination wants to do is write historical fiction (yeah, thanks a lot, fucker), and I have a lot to do in the real life world, too. I’m basically holding on to the whole writing thing by the tips of my fingers right now. So it goes. Still, I’m going to keep on being ridiculously ambitious and sleep deprived because reasons, and 2015 is going to be the year I get (more) organised. *Swears* (Pretend I’ve never said this before…)

Have a good ‘un!

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