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Month: March 2014

Fade (Chaos #2)

Fade (Chaos #2) is now available for preorder on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords with a sale price of 99c until Monday. It should be available on Amazon this Friday. Apple haven’t listed it yet, so if you’re interested, either keep an eye out there or look for an epub copy on Smashwords.

Edited to add: We’re on the iBookstore. Ignore me; I’m an idiot!

The cover is by CCR Designs. Expect Make You in April, and Chaos #3 (title & blurb reveal at the end of Fade) in May/June.

Blurb and cover below:

Official release date – 28th March 2014

Cara Kelly should have left the faery realm now that it has a king to rule all, but nothing is that simple. The real king is trapped in the Fade, and Cara’s journey is just beginning. Guilt-ridden by the fact Brendan’s soul was sacrificed for hers, she’s determined not to desert him after his one pure act of goodness. Time is running out; even if she makes it past all of the dangers of the Darkside, a shade might await her in the Fade. Running from enemy and friends alike, she sets out on a path that will lead headfirst into danger.

Even if Cara makes it to the Fade, even if a goddess watches over her, she doesn’t trust all of her companions, she still has to find a way home, and freeing Brendan could cause a war between the faeries she cares about.

And all the while, Chaos grows unchecked.


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Four Year Indieversary

Aaaand here we go again. If you’re interested, I posted on year one, two, and three. This year I missed it by a week, but that’s pretty typical of me. 🙂

Four years sounds like a long time, but it feels short. In last year’s post, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if there would be another indieversary. I’m still here, clinging on to the dream, but will there be a number five? Who knows?  I’m not overly concerned. What’s meant to happen will come, and if it doesn’t, then I probably didn’t deserve it anyway. (And according to a certain little twin, I’m a mean mom because I work all of the time and never let the kids have McDonalds. AND! I don’t give them sweets every day. The three-year-old called him a sidekick and a suck-mucher though, so I feel like we’ve even on the slurs around here).

The past year has been very uppy-downy as my five-year-old likes to say. I’ve just been trying to roll with it. I lost my confidence for a while because of a bad book I couldn’t publish, and that slowed down everything I’ve been trying to do. I’m not sure why I let it knock me so much, but I’ve had this weird fear over my shoulders since. Fade is just waiting on a proofreader, so the editing on that went really well, and that’s kind of unblocked me again. Okay, it’s only been a couple of days, but there’s been less teeth-pulling since then, so I’m clinging onto that as a good sign!

I insisted I wasn’t going to do the series thing until I had a couple of books prepared, but I made a massive liar out of myself for yet another year. I’m juggling too many books again, and I’m cursing myself for it. I’ve even written a couple of new Ava books, but I’m thinking I shouldn’t start publishing those until next year to lessen the gap between books. Chaos is the series I’m most excited about working on, so I’ve made that a priority. The third book is going out to my editor in less than two weeks, so something is working. I spent way too much time last year struggling to finish books I wasn’t in the mood for (while putting aside the ones I couldn’t stop thinking about). Down with that sort of thing.

I think this might be the dullest indieversary post yet. I’ve lost the knack for blogging – if I ever had it to begin with. Imma get back to editing Chaos #3 (because ermahgerd excite!) likely while listening to my three-year-old perform a medley of Frozen songs.

So long, farewell, and have a great March/2014.

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