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I keep forgetting to update here as well as Facebook.

Bad news: I spent months working on Tested and am not going to publish it. I sent it to my editor who thought it was bad. I agreed. I’m sad I wasted so much time on it, but… shit happens. I may eventually edit it and upload a chapter at a time on Wattpad or the blog. It won’t be good, so it’s only for anyone who really, really wants to know how Jess ended up on Ava’s doorstep. 😀

Better news (maybe?): I took the sequel to Tested, changed almost everything, and rewrote it in Ava’s POV. It’s possibly the start of a new Ava series called Lost Souls. It will be out next year (after Fade) if it’s less bad than Tested. 😉 If it goes well, I’ll probably go from the Chaos series (Soul, Fade, etc. Yeah, I finally settled on a name!) to the new Ava one, and back again.  I’m equally excited about both though. I’ve been so excited that I keep pushing Make You on the back-burner to work on them. I’ll try to work on that one for the rest of the month though.

Also: I bundled the Ava books properly. The cover should make it clear what’s in which bundle to sort out any possible confusion. Hopefully. It’s much better value to buy the bundles either way, but I’m going to give the first bundle an extra discount over Christmas.

Next up: I’m spending January working on the third book in the Chaos series. I’m not giving the title away just yet because it’s all kinds of spoilery. In Feb, I have an editing slot booked for Fade, so that should be out by April at the latest. It’s going to take that long to find a cover artist for the series!

If I don’t post here before the end of the year, happy holidays and all that jazz. 🙂

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      And yet I keep managing to do it. 😛

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