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September Updates

Howdy, y’all.

It’s been a while. That’s because I’ve been busy working on the neverending story. The story that just doesn’t end. The story that keeps getting added to, even when I think it’s finished already. It. Doesn’t. Want. To. End. So I caved, and it’s now the first in a series. Now everything’s cool, and everything’s smooth. Over three years of wondering why I couldn’t finish the story, and all along, the answer was that I hadn’t reached the actual real live end. So now it’s done-ish, and the entire family is celebrating.

So, yeah, September already. Nothing has gone as planned, but that’s the summer for you. We had heat, actual heat – seriously, how do people who live in hot climates get anything done? I mean, ever? The kids drove me insane, the dogs drove me insane, work drove me insane, and everything I said would happen did not and will not happen. Because that’s how we roll around here. 🙂

The kids are back at school. The twins started big school – they’re so freaking adorably miniature in their over-sized uniforms – and the 6-yr-old has already made every excuse possible not to go to school because she hates all of the work and homework. Plus, her teacher is scary, and there’s a high chance of there being insects anywhere she doesn’t like to go. Also, going to bed early sucks because it interrupts everything fun like tormenting her brothers into an uncontrollable rage, and I can’t even brush her hair without hurting her, so what’s wrong with me? Not to mention the fact seeded bread actually hurts her throat now, and her runners have (ohmigod) grass on them (on the actual shoes I expect her to wear on her actual feet) which means they can’t be worn again. Or something. The big dude is counting down the years to secondary school, and I’ve been spending way too much time with the 3-yr-old. My mornings now go a little like this (in between pretending to watch Monsters Inc. Thank you, headphones inventor.):

Me: Okay, I really need to get a little work done this morning, okay?

3-yr-old: Yay, work! *Attacks me with a cracker* The crocodile’s eating you! The crocodile’s trying to eat up your belly, Mom!

Me: *Screams*

3-yr-old: *Drops her arms with a sigh* No, Mom, look. It’s just a cracker. It’s not really a crocodile. Look. *Stares at me* C’mere. *Leads me to door* Hey! Hey, you birdy! *Bangs glass with cracker* The crocodile’s trying to eat you!

Crow: *Stares at me with eyes of death*

3-yr-old: See, Mom? The birdy knows it’s just a cracker. No crocodiles in this house. Okay, Mom? You okay, Mom? Just. A. Cracker. Okay?

Me: Oh. I see.

Or this:

3-yr-old: You gonna work, Mom?

Me: Yep. So we need to be nice and quiet for a few minutes, okay? I just need to finish something.

3-yr-old: Sure, Mom. I just need to sing my special song, okay? *Grabs pink guitar and carries it up the stairs after me.*

Me: *Heavy sigh*

3-yr-old: *Almost drops guitar* Whoa! That was a close one! So dangerous, guitar. So dangerous, you cheeky little–Oh, wow, you so boo-ti-ful, guitar. Isn’t that right, Mom? Isn’t the guitar so boo-ti-ful?

Me: It’s very beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.

3-yr-old: *Snorts* Well, yeah, Mom. I already know that. *Shakes head at me*

That’s my girl. 🙂

Anyway, actual updates for this month are as follows:

Thirst is going to be part of a free anthology called Darlings of Darkness which features ten vampire stories by female writers. It’ll be published by the end of this month and hopefully be free everywhere by Halloween. The cover is pretty, so check out the Facebook page if you want to take a look at that (and the rest of the stories). I don’t personally know the writers involved, so I’m looking forward to checking out their work myself. 🙂

Soul (yeah, baby–we’re still celebrating up in here) will be with an editor this month. I’m not sure on a release date yet (probably some time in October) because of a couple of things coming up, but I’ll probably post the first chapter or so on the blog when it’s edited & proofread by people who actually know what they’re doing (hint: not me). It’s been extremely challenging to work on (because the characters are an extra special flavour of screwed up), and it’s the longest story I’ve ever written – it’s more than 40k longer than I expected. So it’ll be the first in a series, it’s inspired by One Night with the Fae, it’s about faeries, it has my favourite cover (my OH even had it put on a birthday cake) and I’ve been promising to finish it for years now. More about that when the time comes.

Right now, I’m working on a novella set in the Ava Delaney world for Halloween. Kind of. I’ve wanted to do a Halloween story with Peter Brannigan and voodoo zombies and Kate’s grandmother forever (all of those characters came before Ava). I’m not sure if I’ll publish, but even if I don’t, I’ll make sure newsletter subscribers can get a copy if they’re interested.

I’m also sitting on another novel set in the Ava Delaney world that will hopefully be published in December. I did say that Ava would make an appearance in the second half of the book (it’s about the first lost soul btw), but the first half is so bloody long that I might have to split it. I don’t want to do that, but I’ll have to leave out a lot of details about the war (and the games!) from the UK point of view to keep it in one book, so I’m torn right now. Hence the sitting. And the lovely indecision I’m so well-known for.

I’ll have other updates soon, now that I’m rejoining the world of… well, just the world in general really. Ciao for now!

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  1. I can’t wait to check out that anthology. We haven’t heard from you for awhile, so I’m glad to see you’re still around, still writing, and almost ready to give us some more awesomeness. 🙂
    Lauralynn Elliott recently posted…Home Again!My Profile

    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Hey, Lauralynn. Nobody’s heard from me. I’ve been very hermitty this summer. 🙂 I did see you had a happy ending with your doggies, so I was delighted for you!

  2. Linda-Rose Sternfeld Linda-Rose Sternfeld

    Hi. Missed hearing from your site. So glad to learn you are well. Been wondering if I missed something from you! Looking forward to your new books. Still reading like crazy. Take care speak to you soon.


    • Claire Farrell Claire Farrell

      Hey, Linda-Rose. The summer is just my downtime because of school holidays. Good to hear from you. 🙂

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