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Month: May 2013

Over 1500 Free Y/A Books – 3 Days Left

Click here to enter.

Clickable (to Amazon US) covers below… (just pretend it looks as neat and pretty and compact as everyone else’s collagey thing).

And now back to real life: I made the mistake of clearing a level of retro Bubble Bobble for a kid – I can never deny all knowledge of video games again. “Can you do this level?” has been the most used phrase in my house this weekend. Closely followed by, “Aw, just one more?” 🙂

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Massive Springtime Book Giveaway

Elle Casey is hosting a pretty huge giveaway at the moment. There are 190 different titles and over 1,500 copies up for grabs. Two of mine (Death is a Gift & Stake You) are taking part, and after a quick glance through the other entries, I see some books I really enjoyed including Water Witch and Sojourner.

Anyway! If anyone is interested in entering this giveaway, sign up here. The entry stage ends on the 15th of May, and you can enter to win as many different books as you like.

Also, Free Ebooks Daily have hosted me on their blog for some Q&A/random facts type of stuff if anyone wants to check that out or is looking for freebies.

And now I’m off to wash my hands for the fiftieth time in a vain attempt to remove hot pink dye stains from my skin. Have a great weekend!

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