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Breakout Books & A Case of the Randomz

Because I’m usually something other than random?

Verity has been featured on the iBookstore’s Breakout Books promotion. Read about it on the Smashwords blog for more info and a list of the other, far more awesome, books featured so far – they switch out the books during the promotion, which is better than one big unmanageable mass of books, imo. It’s pretty cool, but any time I check out the iBookstore, indie titles are promoted quite prominently, so I’m not really surprised (although I’m shocked they selected Verity). I kind of feel bad for Verity though, standing awkwardly behind the much cooler kids. 😀

It’s nice timing in a way, because the last book  in the series just released (by the way, it was chosen as a Red Adept Select). Purity isn’t available on the iBookstore yet, but Smashwords sent it across, so it’s just awaiting Apple’s review process. Thanks for the early responses to the ending; it’s always terrifying throwing your baby out into the world, and I’ve been sick with nerves since I pressed publish. 😉

Has everyone seen “new” MySpace? I was curious enough to sign up, but right now, I can’t see myself using it too much. It’s a good idea, but I find new music in other ways. Sorry this post is so disgustingly linky, but MySpace reminded me of Pledgemusic (because I checked out Ours and realised I already have all their songs, so why would I listen on MySpace?) It’s like Kickstarter, and one of my favourite bands has a pledge thingy going. I listen to music by Ours and Jimmy Gnecco while working on Every. Single. Book. (and right now this minute) so I was a little squeaky fangurl when I saw the pledge for a new album. I don’t know why Ours isn’t already massively huge! Anyway, if you want to support one of my favourite muses, check out the Ours project on Pledgemusic.

I was thinking of creating a page for Cursed, somewhere people could ask spoilery questions about the series. If anyone is interested, let me know. I’ll have the omnibus up maybe next week. Paperbacks will take longer because of post & proof copies and all that jazz.

Regarding beta reading: My editing slots have been brought forward or delayed in a way that’s made it impossible for me to find time to beta read DIAG or Taste properly. Sorry. :/ My schedule is all screwed up, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a proper beta reading session for Traitor either, but both Taste and Traitor are still on schedule for March and June. I was also going to start working on a brand new series (Demonolatry), but it would probably be quicker to just edit stuff I’ve already written, right? 🙂

I’m off to edit before this becomes a novel. Except to say we got our first bit of snow – it was a half-arsed job, but still. And grumpy,  hunting, loaner of a guard-cat decided to be cuddle-cat today. We melt the hardest of hearts in this house. 😉

Also! Kai the Hitch-hiking Hero! Probably NSFW!

Have a great week!

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  1. I saw your name listed in the Smashwords blog where they were talking about Breakout Books. Congrats, Claire!

    • I got a fright when I saw my name! The other books are way better than mine, so I can’t imagine much coming from it, but it was still fun to see. 🙂

        • I’m realistic! There are some biggies there. I’m more than okay with that though. 😀

  2. Sarah Sarah

    March is next month! So taste is coming out next month? Do you know when yet?

    • It *is* next month. 😉 No, I won’t know until it gets much closer, because it depends on how much time the editor and proofreaders need with it. I’ll definitely update when I know more though.

  3. Elise Endres Elise Endres

    Yeey really excited for those last two books of Ava’s series!! We’re getting a crap job of snow over here too. Right now it’s sunny and nice compared to the 19-20 degrees we’ve been having the past week and a half

    • We had a really nice, sunny day. Next morning we woke up to snow. Two hours later, and it looked like summer outside. Probably better than being snowed in. 😉

      • Elise Endres Elise Endres

        Over here in Michigan, the past two two winters have been light snow, freeze over, melt, 20 degrees, light snow. We’ve had ONE day of foot of snow? The schools were closed, but thats it. Really pretty, but disapointing.

        • A foot of snow is not something I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime! We got a pathetic amount of snow last week. It didn’t stick at all. It’s really cold right now though. A couple of years ago, our school was closed for ages because of snow (and ice, I suppose). That sounds bad, but most of the students lived across the road. Lol. The place just shut down.

          • Elise Endres Elise Endres

            Yeah. Haha wow, really? Ag poor kids haha.
            Our schools do not close for anything.

            • Yep. Our new one doesn’t seem to close though, even when other schools do for holidays or whatever. That’s probably a good thing. Only one of my kids has gone to school this week (plagued again), and it’s been hell trying to get a thing done. 🙂

              • Elise Endres Elise Endres

                Oo yeah. Haha

  4. lindarose00 lindarose00


    So excited and thrilled for you. You deserve all the accolades!!


  5. Kate Tuttle Kate Tuttle

    So excited! March cannot get here soon enough! Looking forward to seeing what the new series will be about as well. Congrats on the breakout books recognition! I have been telling everyone to check out your books an promising that they will not be disappointed. Do you have a Facebook page for your books?

    • Thanks so much, Kate. I don’t have a Facebook page, only a profile thingy. I don’t have time to make a page even remotely interesting to anyone. Lol.

  6. Elise Endres Elise Endres

    I had a friend over yesterday and some how were talking about it being March, and I remembered Taste and Traitor were scheduled for March/June and i had a littke freak out session right there. So excited!!

    • You’re hilarious! I’m more terrified than excited at this stage. 😀

      • Elise Endres Elise Endres

        I would think something’s wrong if you werent!

        • I just saw the first draft of the cover, so I’m getting excited again. Lol.

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