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Purity, Ava Delaney, and Other Release Updates

I had a long post ready a while back that I forgot to press publish on, so bear with me if this is a mess of ideas. Writing this mostly for the googlers getting sent to the wrong posts.

So I’ve had difficulties with cover art and me being late booking editing slots which have altered the schedule I thought I would have this winter. I can never predict how long a book is going to take me, so that’s something I need to work on. I’ll just post the dates I know about and hope that a cancellation will bring everything forward (but I’m not depending on that to happen). I won’t have individual paperbacks for Thirst, Taunt, and Tempt for the foreseeable future, and there will definitely only be two more books in the Ava Delaney series.

This month, I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo. If you’re taking part and want to buddy up, add me. I’m working on a y/a contemporary novel that I’ve been talking about for years. It’s kind of heavy for me to write, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m also editing if anyone is worried I’m slacking on the series. Those books are in constant rotation. 😉

I’m also pretty much ready for Purity beta readers. If anyone who wanted to beta read Purity is ready this week, let me know by emailing me at

December: I may have a new release. It depends on something out of my control right now, but if whatever needs to happen happens, (sorry to be vague) then it will be a y/a paranormal novel. I’m not certain about this one yet, so if it can’t be done (and it likely won’t be possible in the end), it will be the novel used in January.

Taste will also be ready for beta readers some time in December.

February: I have an editing slot with an editor I haven’t worked with before in late January. That book will hopefully be released in early February. It will also be a y/a paranormal novel.

March: I have an editing slot for Purity booked in February, so it is possible the final book in the Cursed series will be released in late March, but it will likely be early April. (I’ll probably reveal the cover and an excerpt much sooner than this. I’m excited to end the series now, although I will likely revisit this world again because I have a bajillion ideas for it).

May: I have an editing slot for Taste booked in March. I expect it will be available in late May.

I haven’t received a date for the final Ava Delaney book, but I’ll update as soon as I know more. ETA: The final Ava Delaney book will likely be available in July. All of these release dates depend on everything going to plan with all concerned, so… fingers crossed.

The only releases I am certain about after Taste are Traitor and Soul. I’m hoping for an autumn/winter release of Soul as I don’t expect to get a lot done during the summer. I would like to publish something from Ava’s world, but it’s too early to be sure of it. And I didn’t plan to have so many y/a releases next year – it’s just the way it worked out. It probably seems like a lot of releases for next year, but all of the books I’ve mentioned in this post and planned on releasing in 2013 are already written.

In future, I don’t particularly want to release a book in a series until I have the entire series written. Although a lot of the standalone y/a stories could be turned into a series, I don’t have any immediate plans to go down that road again for a while.

If I’ve forgotten anything or you have questions or I’ve missed an email/comment somewhere, poke me with a stick until I answer.

I haven’t been blogging or anything as much because I’ve had a lot on. I’ve been reading blogs when I can, but I haven’t had the time to reply so much. Last week was mid-term break, and this week the kids are sick, and my youngest is on a permanent sleep-strike, so it’s been busy.

I hope everyone’s safe and well. Our heating hasn’t been working for a week or so and it sucks, so I can only imagine what people are going through after Sandy. 🙁

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  1. There you are! It’s nice to see you around again. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to Taste since I read the other three, but I know how time frames aren’t always what you want them to be. Readers just have to be patient and realize there’s more to writing books than…writing books. LOL

    • So much more. Some days I wish I didn’t have to deal with everything myself. Lol. That’s usually on the days when I have puking children though. 😉

  2. Elise Endres Elise Endres

    YEY!! Taste!:):) I thought we had to wait until May? So Traitor and Soul are the last two books in the Ava series? O.O gasp. Man I’m excited!! Definently cold and flu season, Almost everyone in my family has a cough. I’ve heard vaguely of that writing website…could you email me the details? Thanks! Good luck on finnishing the series!!

    • I’m sorry, I was confusing! We do have to wait until May. And Taste and Traitor are the final two Ava books. Soul is a y/a fae novel based on my short story collection. I wrote it ages ago and never found the time to edit it. I’m making time next year.

      We have the colds and flus with bonus puking and headaches and general whininess. Lol.

      Which website, NaNo? It’s Or just click the link in the post. (If that’s what you meant ‘cos I’ve kinda confused myself now. LOL.)

      • Karla Stamps Karla Stamps

        Ewwwwww, sorry to hear about the sick kids (been there, done that), you have my sympathy!
        I am a fan of the Ava Delaney series and will read them whenever you get them out!

        • Thanks, Karla.

          Ewwwwww is the perfect word – they’ve puked in pretty much every room this week. Bleugh!

      • Elise Endres Elise Endres

        Oook I get it now. Ah! The last two books!:) Coolio, those fae are pretty mysterious. Lol.
        Yuck sorry to hear, hope you guys feel better;) so excited for May!

        • I freaking well hope so, too. Starting my day with a kid projectile vomiting all over my written work does not a happy Claire make.

          Good news is the last Ava book shouldn’t be too long after Taste!

          • Elise Endres Elise Endres

            Haha, definently not. One time when i was younger, i throwing up my guts everywhere, then i finally got over it. So my mum scrubbed the house top to bottem that night, my brother starting throwing up his guts. Lol
            Sweet about the Ava books!! Wow hows it feel ending a series!? Bitter sweet?

            • That’s pretty much how it’s been here. By the time the last kid got chicken pox, the first one had a weird stomach bug. Typical. 😀

              You could say that! I’m working on the final books of both my series, and I get teary-eyed every time I edit the epilogues. Especially the Cursed series because that began in my head so long ago that I feel like I’ve grown up with the characters. That epilogue isn’t even sad. I’m just a wuss. 😀

              • Elise Endres Elise Endres

                Haha jeez! Well i sure hope tue get better soon!:)

                Hahahahaya I can totally see that!

                • I’m really exposing all of my weirdness on this blog. 😀

                  • Elise Endres Elise Endres



    Hi, If you need a beta reader i’m up for it.. I haven’t done it before, but I’ve read all of your Ava Delaney books that are out so far and i’m excited to read what your bringing out next 🙂


    Natalie 🙂

    • Hey, Natalie. If you’re really interested (and know how much of a slave driver I am. Lol.) then just send me an email and we can chat about it.

  4. Treasure Treasure

    Omg I can’t wait!!! I just finished books 1-2.5 in the Cursed series after loving you’re Ava Delaney series. Can’t wait for the next releases for both these series.

    • Well, thank you. I’m delighted you’re into both series. 😀

  5. Just wanted to say I’m completely in awe of your ability to write so many books at the same time. It is something I tend to do as well – mood-oriented writing, I like to call it – but it doesn’t help with deadlines, does it? Good luck. I’m desperately waiting for Purity.
    Certainly your new resolution to not write a series until you have it all down will stop people like me begging!
    Please, don’t let the holidays slow you down too much.

    • Hey, Bea. I usually write one book (and some short stories) at a time, (I like to get my first drafts finished as quickly as possible) but I’m always editing another novel at the same time (and the editing stages take way longer than the actually writing bit). So I usually have stories in various stages of production, and somehow end up with a group of “things” finished on my end near the same time.

      That’s definitely partly an influence on my decision, but also because I always have a definite plan for any series I write, and it changes very little while I write the books, so I’d prefer to avoid speculation that I’m changing things because of outside opinions or to artificially prolong a series or anything like that because it kind of puts me off writing. I’ve learned it’s easier for me to just get on with it if nobody knows what I’m writing. 😀

      I’m getting ahead of my plans now so that I can relax a little over the holidays. It’s going well so far – hopefully it keeps up! 🙂

  6. Rosa Rosa

    I have read all 4 of the Ava Delaney in matter of 4 days and i cant wait to see what comes next! Your books are reall great. Do u know when the next book is coming out?

    • Hey, Rosa. Book 5 will probably be available next May. The final book should be released roughly two months later.

  7. emma emma

    I cant wait for Purity… I hope Perdita and Nathan get back together, they were cute 🙂

  8. Angelic Austin Angelic Austin

    I am committed to find out what happens with Ava Delaney taking on the Council, and her fate… I too, read all 4 books on my kindle in one week!… Is there a notice group I can join to find out when the last two books are available on Amazon? Thank you for a strong and inticing female character… If Gabe is based on a real Man, please send him my email address! I know, I know, he’s sort of bad, but I can’t help it, laughs…
    Hope you and your family are feeling better soon..

  9. Amanda Amanda

    Just finished reading your Cursed books. Loved them and can’t wait to read Purity. Love werewolves & vampires xx

      • Amanda Amanda

        Just going to start your Ava Delaney books. Read some good write ups on them. Really can’t wait for Purity tho to see what happens next xxx

        • Purity is heading to a proofreader, so we shouldn’t have to wait *too* long now. 🙂

          Thanks – that series is a lot different though, so I’m not sure if you’ll like it. Not romancey or anything. 😀

          • Amanda Amanda

            Woohoo how long do u think? I like vampire stories so hopefully I will like them. 🙂 x

            • It depends on the proofreader, but I would definitely expect the book to be released within a couple of weeks. As soon as the proofreading is done (because I can’t wait), I’ll take a day to run through it one last time, format it, and upload it. I have the cover ready to go, so I’m getting nervous/excited now. 😀

  10. Kate Tuttle Kate Tuttle

    So I stumbled upon the cursed series last week as a recommended read on my kindle. In the last 7 days I’ve read pretty much all your books. The cursed series including adversity, the 4 a a Delaney books and I just finished stake you last night. I love them all in completely different ways. ways I cannot wait for the next books to come out!!! I’m not sure what a beta reader does exactly but it may be something I would be interested in 🙂

    • Wow, Kate, that’s dedication. 😉

      My editing slots are all messed up at the moment, so I haven’t been able to do the whole beta reading thing, but when I have time for beta readers again, I’ll post it to my blog. They basically give strong opinions on early versions of the stories. 😀

      • Kate Tuttle Kate Tuttle

        Dedication… obsession. Either or. I will keep an eye out on your blog about beta readers. Until then I’m just counting down for the next ones to be released. Either way, thanks for doing what you do and creating an awesome world we can’t help but be sucked in to. You are awesome 🙂

        • Haha, I’m okay with either one. 😀

          Trust me, I’m counting down, too! Partly so I can say I’ve actually finished a series. Lol. Thanks so much for the kind words, Kate. 🙂

  11. Karla Karla

    I just love your books and can’t wait for the next Ava Delany books or purity. I bought mine from iTunes. Some authors put up books that are coming out so we can reserve them. Ant possibility of you doing it so I don’t miss out? Dear god now that I’m finished with the ones I have, what will I read in the meantime?:s

    • Sadly, I don’t have the option to do that. I would if I could though! 🙂

      Purity and Death is a Gift should be out next month, and the next Ava book *hopefully* in March (crosses fingers), so everyone will be sick of me in no time. 😉

      • Karla clancy Karla clancy

        Awesome! 🙂 I don’t think I would get sick of you! 🙂 in act I know I shan’t !

  12. Stephanie Tummon Stephanie Tummon

    Hi my name is Stephanie and I just finishes ur Ava Delaney books in 48 hours I loved them and couldn’t put them down u r a fantastic writer and can’t wait till the next book is out and I can’t wait to start reading the rest of ur books : )

    • Thanks, Stephanie! Glad you’re enjoying the series. Not *too* long until the next one. 🙂

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