Two Year Indieversary

Yeah! It’s my two year indieversary today-ish. This might be the longest I’ve stuck at anything. It’s been two years since I first braved this madness, and here’s a link to my first indieversary post. Feel free to point and laugh. I did finish that novel btw. I did! Take that, past self (and damn you, Verity, for being such a mahoosive pain in the arse). And also, wtf? I didn’t even have one measly novel out a year ago? What took me so long, man?

Anyhoo, this time last year I wasn’t altogether sure what I was doing. Guess what? Nothing has changed. I know the general plan but getting there seems to require a lot of aimless floating mixed in with weeks of frantic stressing. These last twelve months have been scarier than the first twelve, but I’ve had a good year, all things considered. I finished some novels including my first ever sequel. That was absolutely terrifying. I used a freebie to kick start a series, and I’ve learned more than I knew last year. One day I even hope to have passable grammar skillz. 😉

Thirst was selling pretty well in the UK, but not at all in the US, so I decided to go for what I had always wanted to do with it and set it free. When it first went free it had an average rating of 2 and a half stars, and despite some, erm, expert knowledge that said it would sink, it went straight into the top 100 freebie list which tells me that people ultimately don’t give a shit. Or that what you think you know doesn’t matter. Sumtin’ like that. Point is there will be lots of advice floating around, but your story will never be the same as anyone else’s. And speaking of free, it’s Read an Ebook Week again, so some of my books are participating on Smashwords. This week used to be a lot more awesome before the whole Select freebie madness.

I’m not sure what to say in this year’s post, except that everything has changed massively since I first began. So many people are earning a living or attracting great opportunities because of this gig. That kind of thing just didn’t happen as often back then. The community was more tight-knit then, and all of the “sure things” wouldn’t have a chance of working out in the same way now. I’m personally a lot more productive now, although I’m less organised, but I never feel as though I’ve accomplished quite enough and doing everything yourself is still a huge amount of work. I’m not sure what I can say that’s useful to anybody, but feel free to ask questions if you have any.

One thing hasn’t changed. I still hate editing with the power of a million supernovae explosions. *Iz still dramatic*

Here’s to another year and hopefully my first conclusion to a series. *Crosses fingers*

16 thoughts on “Two Year Indieversary

    • Aw, thank you. Off key Happy Birthday songs always give me the warm fuzzies. 🙂

      Inspiring… I suppose it is in a way. If I can do it, anyone can sort of thing. And by do it, I mean stick with it instead of giving up when it gets hard. 😀

  1. Happy Two Years! *Hugs*

    You HAVE accomplished a lot! Thank you for sharing your incites. I’m so happy that you didn’t listen to the “experts.” 😉

    You’ve inspired me so much, to keep writing, to keep reaching for my dreams. Thank You! Thank you! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats!! lol
    I was just curious when the next Ave Delany book will be coming out. I love love love that story

  3. Just wanted you thank you for sharing Thirst on free nookbooks. I might have never noticed your books…I have purchased the whole series since enjoying the first book! And im anxiously awaiting Ava Delaney book 4. In the waiting time im checking out your other books! And i live in the USA…and you have maxed out the stars on my reviews:)

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