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>Info Dumps

>Yesterday was pretty interesting. It was a bit of a blah, I don’t wanna do a thing sort of day but I discovered some new things rather serendipitously. That’s always nice. And all I’m going to say on the indie vs. trad argument today is, some writers write for the readers. Make of that what you will. We all have a different agenda and endgame and one size does not fit all. Hush, puppy.

Moving on. Contrary to popular belief, not everything I write is dark and black and screwed up. Maybe a little screwed up… But I actually write a lot of super soft nice things, some of which are even suitable for children. Pinky swear. In fact, I mostly write Y/A novels. And just about everything full length is dipped in fantasy.

I know short stories aren’t that popular. (By the way, I read a fantastic one yesterday and am now jealous I hadn’t thought of it – must find it again and link). I don’t even write short stories that often because I can’t force myself to. I can make myself write a novel, funnily enough. But short stories are just out of my reach. Every now and then I get an idea and go with it but who knows how long it will take for the next idea to come.

Yesterday, I got stuck into a wee sci-fi tale but I’m still not sure if the first couple of paragraphs amount to info dumps or not. I should really post it here to force myself to look at it again but it’s hiding away in one of my folders, pretending it isn’t there. I have a love/hate relationship with the short ones (and I’m massively in awe of good flash fiction writers) – they are harder to construct, harder to balance, harder to end in a satisfying way, more of a challenge. I like to be vague, I like things to be open to interpretation but of course, most people aren’t like me. I like to be bothered by the ending for days afterwards, it’s an affliction really. Needing to dwell on things.

So here I am. Dwelling. On info dumps vs. necessary back story. I know this post has turned into a bit of an info dump but I’ve come to the conclusion that I am blind when it comes to my own words.

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