New Release – Sacrifice (Chaos #6)

This post is just a copy of today’s newsletter. Have a great weekend!

Another newsletter with two releases to share! We’ve come to the end of the Chaos series with Kings (a freebie) and Sacrifice (99c until Halloween). You don’t have to, but I highly recommend reading Kings before you jump into Sacrifice. You can find links under the blurbs. Thanks to anyone who has read this series – I loved writing it, and I’m sad it’s over, but it’s been lovely to see that other people are sad to see the end, too. :)

Kings smallKings

Set between books five and six in the Chaos series, Kings is a brief look into the lives of Drake and Brendan. After sealing the rift, Drake hears word of his wife’s sickness only to find that the cause is exactly what unites his enemies against him. Brendan’s journey across unexplored waters is only beginning, and if he finds what he’s looking for, he’ll owe a determined woman a throne by his side. But can he do it? Whatever course of action is taken next, they will change their world.




~The final book in the Chaos Series.~

As a king’s life hangs in the balance, alliances are made then broken. Only trickery can help Cara protect those she cares about, but when her enemies show their true face, she realises the truth: every distraction feeds Chaos. Cara’s not the only one searching for a legendary treasure, not the only one reaching for power. The journey’s not over, but at the end of every path lies Sacrifice.

Get Kings for free on Amazon US, UK, CA, etc., Smashwords, B&N, iBooks US, CA, GB, AU, etc., Kobo, and Google Play Books.

Sacrifice is currently 99c on Amazon US, UK, CA, etc., Smashwords, B&N, iBooks US, CA, GB, AU, etc., Kobo, and Google Play Books.


October 2015 Update

Well, hello there.

Remember me?

Sorry for the disappearing acts – lots going on. I’ve been drowning in paperwork all morning, so a blog break might help keep the madness at bay!

This month, I have been busy preparing Tithes (Ava Delaney: Lost Souls #3) for my editor as well as putting the last touches to Sacrifice (Chaos #6) which should be available to buy by the end of this month. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Kings (Chaos #5.5) in the meantime. It should be free, so please do not pay for this novella – if it’s not free on your usual retailer, try Smashwords. My bad scheduling (and life) has put the editing of Harbinger on the sidelines so that might end up on hold this month.

Still waiting on covers, so nothing new to reveal there yet.

I’ll be taking part in NaNoWriMo next month to finish up some drafts, but I currently have no plans for next year’s writing schedule. If you want to throw me suggestions, I’m happy to hear them, but I’m not making any concrete plans until I have everything else off my plate. :)


I uploaded Crucible yesterday (do not buy), and the pre-order for Tethers (covers below) is live, so I thought it might be time for a blog post. Yesterday was a full-on summery day, so of course today is absolutely miserable – perfect blogging weather!

Just a quick heads up about Crucible. It’s a Phoenix novella that does not have to be read to understand Tethers. It’s just a snippet into what was going on with him between Demon Dog and Tethers. It’s the kind of thing I write to help me keep track of the world state, and I might not have published it only for some people on the Facebook page expressing an interest in Phoenix (colour me surprised) and the werewolves – so blame them. 😛 Sadly, there’s only a little werewolf action in this one. There’ll be a coupon code for a free copy in the newsletter I’m sending out on Friday. This week, I’m working on a short Esther story, which I’m not sure I’ll publish, and a short Chaos story in the POVs of Drake and Brendan (because they’re both supah busy between Blight and Sacrifice), which I’m pretty certain will be published (as a freebie) in either July or August because the cover is nearly ready, so why not? And I’m supposed to be starting that Halloween story on Monday, but I still haven’t decided who I’m actually writing about or even if I’ll go ahead with a crossover story. Give me an eye roll, please.

Back to me, me, me. May has been one of those weird roller coaster months. Himself is very unwell, one of the twins has been sick every week this month, and even the dogs have had dodgy tummies. All the hard work I had planned for this month kind of never happened. I did get to the end of a lip balm for the first time in my life, so that’s… something?

In good/great/this brought tears to my eyes news, the marriage referendum passed in Ireland. I was a nervous wreck the entire two days of the voting and counting. I have never been so invested in a vote; it was amazing. And my daughter wrote me a song yesterday (she also earned a merit at school for writing a story full of magic, evil faeries, and dead bodies – that’s mah gurl). The lyrics were all about how freaking deadly I am, so I’m going to keep them and show them to her next time she’s mad at me. She’s currently terrified of becoming a teenager because she believes she’s going to wake up on her thirteenth birthday with insta-hate for me, but she’s failed to notice that she already hates me on a regular basis – usually when the words “Clean your room” are involved. 😀

I’m actually super popular with my kids at the moment (probably because Daddy’s all sick and pathetic, but I’ll take it!) And all it took was some epic old lady dancing in the kitchen to a certain soundtrack (and losing at a sack race. Leave your pride at the door when you come to my house). But really, they’re like my little shadows (or clingy little limpets, depending on the day) this month. I walk from the office to the kitchen (yes, for more coffee because I suck at, you know, not drinking coffee), turn around, and find a whole bunch of gigglers in a line behind me. My desk is covered in Lego, drawings (of me), notes (to me), four pairs of sunglasses belonging to a four-year-old (basically every time she’s in a shop with her father, she manages to convince him she needs a pair), and an abundance of hair accessories that nobody is able to find come school time. There’s usually a kid (or a grown man) hidden somewhere under the desk waiting to scare the shit out of me. (Reason 72 why I’m a nervous wreck). My eldest has been spending his evenings reading over my shoulder while I’ve been editing (“Ugh, crying. Really? I hate crying in books. There better not be any kissing in this chapter. Um, Mom, I think it might be more interesting if” – shut up), and I just know I’m in big trouble when the kids come home because I forgot to watch (Geek & Sundry’s) Craft Lab on YouTube with them yesterday. Only one more month at school before the summer holidays screw everything up make us all extra happy. 😀



I have a crapton of editing to plough (what’s with the red underline, WordPress?) through, and I’m still making sure I write every day, so I’m extra-hermity lately. While I’m posting about the current pre-order, I should probably add some sort of an update. Um, news. I’m on a health buzz (albeit halfheartedly), and I’m avoiding coffee as much as I can stand. If you know me, you probably know I’ve been failing avoidance kicks drinking way too much of the stuff since childhood (so that’s why I couldn’t sleep),  so it’s a bloody big deal. I haven’t killed anyone yet, but let’s not count our chickens, eh?

It’s a good thing I don’t vlog because it’d be fifteen minutes of me screwing up my face trying to scrounge up news from nowhere. Releases, then. I’m not going to talk about certain releases until they’re ready to go – just in case (if I decide not to publish, I’ll just throw the unfinished stuff up on Wattpad for the curious as I did with Tested). The guaranteed big releases are Blight this month, the next Ava book in June, and the final Chaos book in October. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a third Ava book before the end of the year, but I haven’t booked editing for that yet, so can’t predict a release date. Beyond that is… undecided.

So… I’m going to squeeze in a little more editing before I fall asleep. Sometime next week Taunt will be discounted to 99c, and I’ll hopefully have a cover or two to show off soon. You can find details about Blight below. (The cover might be my favourite out of the six.) Ciao.

Blight is now available for pre-order at a discount price of 99c. Official release date is 30th April 2015. The final book in the series will be released later this year.

Blight purchase links & blurb below:
Amazon US, UK, etc., Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iBooks US, GB, etc.

Blight-ChaosAs the blight spreads, destroying the land, Cara’s new subjects turn on her, and Brendan and Drake are no longer there to help her. The Darksiders thought she’d be pliable, or maybe even a miracle-worker, and it’s not as easy to scrub away Sadler’s influence as she thought. 

But Scarlet isn’t her only priority any more, and once the ceremony to swear her in as regent is done, it’ll be time for Cara to join forces with the kings, find a way to stop the blight, and prove to the fae that she can be the leader they need. 

It took a Darksider to steal the throne; it’ll take a faery queen to keep it.

Five Year Indieversary

Previous posts:  one, twothree, and four.

I’m pretty sure today marks my fifth anniversary of self-publishing which means I’ve published books that are older than my youngest daughter. I just barely finished a third series, so maybe that counts (please count) as an achievement?

Reading back on my old posts, I think it’s obvious that the last two years have been more of a struggle than the previous two. I’ll always love writing, and I’m starting to love editing (gasp!), but I’m still kind of hating publishing. My kids are giving me so much hassle about working too much which might be colouring my views a little (and honestly, I’m writing this on a bad day), but even aside from that, I’m just tired of the non-writing/editing things that have to be done. I’m living for the day the kids are old enough for me to guilt-trip emotionally blackmail bribe persuade them to help me. At least one of them has to have better organisational skills than I do, right? 😀

Anyway, what have I done this last year? I just checked, and in the last twelve months, I’m kind of pretty sure I’ve had eight releases (only six were novels though), which is great for me. Two of Stake You, Three Chaos, one Ava, and two Avaverse shorts (yeah, I went there) in case you’re wondering. Oh, and I also posted a full (shitty) novel to Wattpad. Even without that, it’s still over half a million words published (I just quickly did a rough total and wheeeeee, that feels more like an achievement!) If I managed that amount of words even written this year (’cause I delete many, many, holy crap, so many words in the editing process), I would be very happy, put it that way. 2015 has not gotten off to the best start. Still, plenty of time to catch up!

This next twelve month dream plan is to keep holding on by the tips of my fingers, publish the last two Chaos books, the next two Ava’s, and aim for (and likely fail at) one Esther, two VBI, and hopefully, a Halloween crossover, but let’s pretend I didn’t just say that. My true aim is to put the fun back into things – I just need to figure out how. :)

New Release – Break You

BreakYouBreak You is finally available everywhere – 99c this weekend only. Purchase links & blurb below.
Smashwords, iBooks US, GB, etc., Amazon US, UK, etc., B&N, Kobo, and Google Play.

Devlin O’Mara’s world has been turned upside down time and time again since she first came across a vampire. And it’s not over yet.

The vampires may have left her small town alone for a while, but they’ve provoked curfews and martial law in the capital city. The aftermath of their last attacks are still rippling outward, and it soon becomes clear that Emily’s sire is gathering an army. 

Even though her personal life has fallen apart, Devlin can’t let the vampires win, no matter how much they hurt the people she loves. Death is everywhere, and the only way to win is through joining forces with unusual allies.

One final battle is coming. But who will survive?

And if you haven’t picked it up already, you might be interested in HuNted, a free shifter anthology. Verity is part of the bundle which is now available on iBooks US, GB, etc., Amazon US, UK, etc., B&N, and Google Play Books.


I’ve had like seventeen cups of coffee and eaten the entire contents of my fridge today, so a blog post seems like the next logical procrastination method. Until last week, there had been at least one kid home from school for over a month, and I’m obviously so trained for distractions that I’m providing them for myself now.

Aside from sick kids (and a medicated dog), we’ve been all Animal Kingdom up in here. Every time I go outside to call one of my dogs back in, somebody else’s dog and/or cat shows up first. (One particular dog likes to sneak up on me in the dark. We call him Brown Dog because my kids are about as original as I am when it comes to naming things. We call the three-legged cat Dubh, fyi). So then I have to make sure other people’s dogs don’t eat other people’s cats. And wild birds (the fact that they’re looking a bit fat this year has nothing to do with me) keep getting into our kitchen when the door is open for longer than five seconds. The nutters get into the car sometimes, too. It’s getting a bit weird. But as you can see, I truly live the rock star lifestyle.

Anyway, work crap: I’ve ditched everything else to work on finishing up Break You, otherwise known as the Unfinishable Nightmare Book. I thought Clarity was tough going. Holy shit, I was sooooo wrong. I’m mortified by how long it has taken me to get this sucker done (the reasons why have been a combination of wanting to write other things and getting too emotionally involved and therefore not wanting to write the “tough” scenes – I’m a wuss, in other words). I could have written ten novels in the time I’ve wasted staring at this bloody manuscript. And it’s still not done! Even today, I’ve been poking at scenes with a stick. I’m at the point where I’m not completely sure that any of it makes sense. But that might be the seventeen cups of coffee speaking. I am looking forward to seeing the first draft of the cover though! Should be soon. :)

I still don’t know if I should concentrate on finishing up the Chaos series or if I should release an Ava book in between those final two books. Opinions appreciated, as always. I probably shouldn’t have released the first Ava book earlier than planned, but I couldn’t resist. When Chaos is done, I’ll probably stick to Ava’s world for a while. Dividing my attention can be a little hit and miss. It’s good for me to switch it up to keep the oul brain refreshed, but I spend too much time rereading previous books to get my brain back in check when I switch series. Because I’m ancient and can’t retain information any more. One of the twins keeps reminding me how old I am, wondering aloud why I don’t need a walking stick, and warning me that he won’t want to give me snuggles when I have a wrinkly old gross face. Apparently, he’s going to bring me everywhere with him when he grows up as long as I don’t let my hair go grey or white or old. What a charmer. Just like his dad. 😛

And my lab-cross literally just leapt up onto my lap (and half-killed me, the big oaf) because she got a fright, so now I have to go calm her down. And help with homework. And possibly (probably?) lose my mind. Have a good week!


Do You Want The Bad News Or, Um…

I’ve been singing Paloma Faith’s song Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? in my head all day. So do you want the bad news or the worse news? 😀

In somewhat okay news, the kids went back to school today. (I really need to update my bio because all five kids are too old to be called toddlers – even if they still act like it on occasion). You know they’ve been home too long when my desk organiser thingy is full of Crayola instead of pens and the surface of my desk is covered in Loom bands, Play Doh, half-read fairy princess/horrible science books, and indistinguishable sticky stains. I should take before and after photos. But that would mean finding my phone, and that sucker’s been missing since before Xmas. I should be writing (oh, those famous words), but I need to post some kind of update. And blog posts are words, too, m’kay?

For all of us EU readers, ebook pricing is changing because of VAT. We used to pay VAT based on the retailer’s location, and now we pay depending on our own. In some cases, this is a noticeable hike. (Just… ugh). Every retailer appears to be dealing with this differently, so pricing is going to get muddled for a time. I’ve been pretty… worn out with self-publishing for a while now, and this isn’t helping with the happy happy joy joy. Never mind. I’m sure Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is on sale somewhere.

Your perspective will tell you if that was the bad news or worse news. 😀 I hate saying this, but I’ve had to cancel this month’s editing (Chaos series) which means that the whole publishing schedule will once again fly off track. I just need my editing fund for other things right now. Can’t be helped. Technically, I could publish Blight next month and be done with it, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t wait for editing. I do not like disappointing people, but if I went ahead and published it without making it as good as I possibly can, then it’d be a worse kind of disappointment, and I’d have stress dreams about it, and I desperately need some sleep. :)

My next editing slot is now in March, which sounds really far away. But I’ll try to get another inbetweener story set in Ava’s world (well, hello there, Phoenix) finished between Break You and Blight. I’m not making any promises though, because to be completely honest, I can’t remember the last time I read a book, and all my imagination wants to do is write historical fiction (yeah, thanks a lot, fucker), and I have a lot to do in the real life world, too. I’m basically holding on to the whole writing thing by the tips of my fingers right now. So it goes. Still, I’m going to keep on being ridiculously ambitious and sleep deprived because reasons, and 2015 is going to be the year I get (more) organised. *Swears* (Pretend I’ve never said this before…)

Have a good ‘un!

New Ava Stuff

So… new release time. I’ll post the contents of the newsletter below (with an added Google link that I forgot about, sorry).

TaintedCover Tainted (Ava Delaney: Lost Souls #1) is the big release (now on preorder at a discount). I wrote it last year (because *I* wanted to know what was up  with everyone), and I was going to release it next year, but I figured I should test the waters a bit. This series is not going to be like the original.  There’s no big bad across the books. It’s more like individual stories, and I’ll be working on other (hopefully shorter and therefore quicker to produce)  stories in the world in between. (I’m being stupidly ambitious, but it might work out eventually!) For example, in my current plan (that could totally  change because I can’t stick to a plan to save my life), the order of the next batch of releases in Ava’s world are looking like this:

Tainted (Lost Souls #1)
Ghost Moon Rising (A Peter Brannigan novella) (I’m testing out a new character in this that I’ve wanted to write a series about for a couple of years.  Still undecided).
Demon Dog (VBI #1)
Tethered (Lost Souls #2)
Unnamed Esther story

The second release, Tested, is something I decided *not* to publish last year. It’s in the POV of Ava’s first lost soul during the vampire war. The editing isn’t quite finished, and I’m uploading it a couple of chapters a day on Wattpad until Tainted is officially released. You don’t have to read this one, but if you do, then you should probably read it before Tainted. And I tried to make Tested as stand-alone-y as possible, so it can be read without prior knowledge of the world. If you’re curious, it’s set in the same time frame as Taste and Traitor (Ava books 5 and 6), just in different places.

Newsletter info:

Tainted, the first book in my new Ava Delaney series is now available for pre-order at 99c with the following retailers: Amazon US, UK, CA, etc.,Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBookstore US, IE, GB, AU,CA, etc., Google Play, and Smashwords. Official release date is 10/10/2014. (Also available is a kind of prequel to Tainted. Read the rest of the newsletter to find out more on that.)


~Best read after the original Ava Delaney series~

The backdrop may be grim, but Dublin city has become the centre of change. And as the humans and supernaturals figure out how to live in each other’s worlds, the person who forced that change has quietly stepped aside for a peaceful life.

Ava Delaney is still trying to adjust to her own altered existence when a tainted nephal turns up on her doorstep, apparently on the run from the monster who changed Ava’s life before she was even born. But she’s not supposed to interfere, even for the lost souls she’s vowed to help.

But as the first vampire leaves death in his wake, and Ava becomes an easy target to blame, she realises she has to take care of business once again. There are more secrets hidden in the shadows, more voices just waiting to be heard, and obedience has never been Ava’s thing.

Only one thing is for certain: for people like Ava Delaney, there’s no such thing as a peaceful life.


In the meantime, I’ve started publishing Tested to Wattpad. I’ll be uploading a couple of chapters a day until the release of Tainted. If you’re interested, here are Chapters One, Two, and Three.


The child of an angel, Jessica was supposed to be one of the great warriors, the nephilim, until the first vampire came for her mother. Tainted by the vampire since birth, Jessica has been on the run with her father since then, always keeping one step ahead of their enemy. But now they’re stuck in the UK while the vampires stage a takeover, and life just got a lot harder. The only sign of hope comes from Ireland, from the one person her overprotective father will never trust. Even so, there’s only one way out of the war, and that involves travelling for weeks, all the while avoiding a new breed of vampires, seemingly indestructible monsters. The taint inside her makes Jessica strong, but if she loses herself to it, her own father will take her life. If the vampires don’t kill her, her father just might…

What’s Up With Everything

I don’t know why I’ve become blog-phobic lately. But I thought I should check-in here a wee bit.



1. Promotions/Sales

Some of my stuff is taking part in the Smashwords sale. It’s over in a week. Lots and lots and lots of books by other writers are up  there, so it’s worth checking out. Soul is free pretty much everywhere right now. Most of my freebies are really old now. I’ve  written a lot of books since Thirst, for example, so I felt like I needed a fresher representation of what I do. Soul is long and  new(ish), and I’m really into Chaos this year, so it seemed appropriate.

2. Editing Slots

A brand new Ava Delaney book is in my editor’s hands right now. I’m trying some new things, and I don’t want to give release dates  or promises. I’m just seeing how this goes. If it works out, it won’t be like the original series. There won’t be a big arc that I need to  wrap up in a final book. It’s hard to explain exactly what I’m trying to do, but I’ve been working on a number of stories in Ava’s  world, and I felt like I needed a story with her first to set up the timeline. It won’t change any of the original series, and there’s no  desperate need to read this one (I mean, unless you really want to) to find out more about what happened in the old series. I’m so  ridiculously bad at explaining this. Full disclosure: I cancelled an editing slot this summer, so my projected release schedule is once  again out of whack. When I figure it out, I’ll update.

3. What I’m writing

I’m currently writing some Peter and Val words. I meant to finish this thing a lifetime ago, but it never happened. It’s just a novella, but if it works, it’ll be the first in their series. If. I hope it does because Val keep surprising me. It’s in third person, and I’m terrified of writing in third person (or in a male voice), so it’s one of those make myself as uncomfortable as possible writing scenarios that I like to punish myself with so much.

4. What I’m Editing

Chaos #4 is my editing punishment right now. I thought I would send it to the editor this summer, but I wasn’t happy with it and sent Ava instead. Now, as I’m editing, I’m all, what’s so bad about this? So the ending must be horrible. Mostly, I needed a break from this series. I cry while I’m writing it, cry while I’m editing it; it rips my heart out and shreds it into pieces. And then I have to take a breather or I’ll die. I’m spacing out my editing a little better, so I don’t get crushed over and over again on the same day. 😉

5. What’s next

Weeell, I’m not as sure as I was. I know I have to write Break You, and I’m excited about that because it’s the final book, so I get to go out in a blaze of glory. I have to write Chaos #5 which I’m still thinking about. The order of events is so important that I can’t screw it up, so I’m going to be planning this one hard. And I’m a pantser, so outlining to the extent I’m planning is going to really suck. I have to finish the Chaos #4 edits, obviously, mixed in with editing another book that I haven’t quite decided on. Maybe the second Ava book. Maybe. I figure my brain will be more cooperative once the kids are back to school (and my baby is starting playschool so no kids in the mornings in September!)

6. Life

I stopped repeatedly getting my phone fixed and got a new one instead (I really hate change), so I’m a little more connected to the outside world. My eldest is away from home right now, so the rest of us are in a state of mourning. The other four are slowly taking pieces out of each other. They’ve been on holidays forever. I mean, really. They’re so intent on wrecking each other’s heads that their verbal battles are almost poetic. It’s hot. It’s so hot that it’s hard to remember to wear clothes or do anything but melt into puddles. My office is the coldest room in the house, and it feels like an oven. But we’re still getting rains and floods, so Mother Nature’s having a lot of fun.  Oh! And I’m super mega uber pissed that Dragon Age: Inquisition has been delayed again. I can’t think of anything else that’s been happening. Yes, we really are this boring. No wonder I don’t update much. :) And now I need to get out of this oven and spend time with my kids, so farewell. Have a good week (I have no idea what day it is)!